August 15, 2012

Speakout: Aug. 15, 2012


---- — Campers

Yet another weekend goes by and the powers that be allow campers to camp in parking lots and not NYS campgrounds or RV parks. NYS is losing a lot of revenue by not enforcing the no-camping signs.


Kudos once again to the Relay for Life teams that took care of the restrooms at the fair. They were never as clean and maintained before they took over this thankless task. As a fairgoer, I want to thank each and everyone involved great job.


Today on South Catherine Street I watched a lady in wheelchair get deliberately drenched by a car speeding up and hitting a puddle. Do you feel better? I know your car and your bumper sticker. Let me find your car.


The Supreme Court has obliterated any meaningful constitutional constraint on federal power by creating a new and unlimited power to lay punitive taxes on inactivity. There’s something tragic about a decision that says federal powers are practically unlimited. Real freedom in America is dead! 


The Relay for Life is wonderful, but the speakers talk too long and you can’t even understand what they are saying. If the Survivor Walk is set for 7:30 p.m. it should start then. Many of us elderly and sick people get tired waiting; we can’t even hear what’s being said.


I could understand if City Hall Place was a car-free area to have tables and chairs on the sidewalk, but it is not car free. Why would anybody want to eat curb-side with dust, exhaust and debris in the air?


Why do people walk or run in the road when there is a sidewalk? I understand when there is no sidewalk, but when there is one and this happens, it’s just plain dumb. Use the sidewalk when it’s there.


It is disrespectful when someone is smoking in the stands at Airborne. I politely asked you not to blow it in my father-in-law’s face or my 14-year-old son’s face or my infant’s face. You had the nerve to call me names. It’s called respect, learn some.


A five-year-old pinching, kicking and punching his mother in a check-out line getting no discipline is also a form of child abuse. What kind of adult will he be if he’s allowed to grow up with this behavior? He’s obviously gotten away with it before. He wanted a toy. Mom just smiled.


Road repairs are needed on Brandy Brook Road in Ellenburg Center. This county road was so bad last winter that it was one lane. Hiring a company from Amsterdam to squirt the cracks with tar just isn’t going to get it. Unbelievable!