October 1, 2012

Letters to the Editor: Oct. 1, 2012

Candidate left out

TO THE EDITOR:  I am glad that WPTZ Channel 5 has taken the effort to organize and broadcast a congressional debate here in Plattsburgh at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 16.

It is very disappointing, though, that only two of the three candidates on the ballot are being included, those from the two dominant political parties. 

The general election for this office garnered widespread attention in 2009 (especially) and 2010, even on national cable news channels, when a “third-party” candidate (Hoffman) got into the race, and he was rightfully included in congressional debates. 

Why would WPTZ decide not to invite Donald Hassig? Is it because he cannot afford to air lots of campaign commercials on our local NBC affiliate as Doheny and Owens do? Is it because Owens is the local guy and they feel pressure to li

mit his competition? Is it because Hassig is liberal, rather than a tea party candidate like Hoffman? Is it because Hassig doesn’t frequently wear a suit and tie? I don’t know. Organizers at Channel 5 would know.

Doheny may be right when he questioned the polling for this race done during the Democratic National Convention, as the Democrats were getting much more coverage nationally that week. Well, Hassig’s poll numbers may be down due to his receiving less regional coverage all year than both Owens and Doheny.

I am sure that as the “host candidate,” living here in Plattsburgh, Owens would not mind if all three voices were heard in this debate, as they have been the last two elections. 

Shouldn’t news media cover all candidates equally, allowing voters to decide who they prefer, rather than deciding for voters which ones they can learn about from the news?




Choosing a president

TO THE EDITOR: Regarding the recent letter captioned “Understand before vote,” I couldn’t agree more with the writer, an elderly man who had lost his wife to cancer.

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