September 26, 2012

Letters to the Editor: Sept. 26, 2012

Democrat cult

TO THE EDITOR:  There is a cult in America that approves of, promotes and even worships abortion for babies who would be a bother, yet has the unmitigated gall to claim everything they do, they do for the children.

Is this seen as hypocrisy? No, it is seen as promoting reproductive rights.

This cult makes of flawed humans like Bill Clinton and Barack Obama living gods of government yet bans the God of Christians from government schools. The one religion they respect is Islam because it shares their contempt for capitalism and individual liberty. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

This cult considers gun banning a holy sacrament and a blood sacrifice, if that is called for. Like the Aztecs who ripped out the beating hearts of sacrificial victims, this cult wants to rip out the heart of the Constitution.

The cult that is a blight upon the nation is a bloody arm of of the butcher Karl Marx and a more wretched hive of scum, villainy and hypocrisy would be hard to find. Yes, it’s the party of Jackson, Wilson and Roosevelt: the Democrat Party.




Judge candidate

TO THE EDITOR:  The judicial branch of New York government is equal to the other two: the executive and legislative.

Voting for Supreme Court judge is as important as voting for governor, Assembly or Senate. These judges hear cases outside the authority of lower courts, such as civil matters that concern large sums of money, matrimonial actions and suits against public officials in addition to other matters.

We live in the 4th Judicial District, which is the largest in the state and consists of 11 counties. We have a fine gentleman, John Silvestri, running for the position of Supreme Court judge.

John has more than 30 years as a prosecutor and defense attorney. He was Warren County assistant district attorney and the town attorney for North Hudson, the Ticonderoga and Chestertown fire districts and their volunteer fire companies.

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