September 23, 2012

Speakout: Sept. 23, 2012


Speaking of graduation. Those of you who didn’t even acknowledge the announcement we sent you and the picture, that’s just as rude as no thank-you note. Family is hurt that you don’t take a minute to say congrats.


The athletic facilities at Beekmantown Central are seriously eroding. The football field is crabgrass, and sprinkler heads stick up unsafely on it. The new gym floor needs to be re-painted. The lane lines on the new track have weathered to the point that they have disappeared.


Who else has noticed how heavy the doors are at Mcdonald’s Playland? Has anyone else noticed that there is no way for wheelchair-bound people to open the doors at both McDonalds? What other places don’t have access?


I worked in retail for quite a few years, and I think it is very nice to be called “sweetie” or “honey,” as long as it is not in a negative way. It makes my day to have someone respond in a positive way rather than not respond to your greeting.


Bathrooms that have “occupied” and locked means that it is in use. Do not bang on the door continually. I was cleaning it. Banging on the door three separate times is extremely rude.


In reply to the person who complained about the person smoking at Airborne, there is a no-smoking section that you can sit in or you could go to Customer Service with your issue.


To all you young kids out there who think it is cool to wear your pants down so low you show your underwear, no one thinks you are cool. We are really just laughing at you. Parents, do your job.


I understand our friends from the north help out our economy, but do they have to be so rude and nasty to people who work retail? They trash our stores and complain the store is dirty.


I took a walk around Wilcox Dock for the first time. I thought it might be nice. But, I was horrified by what I saw. A mile of waterfront destroyed by industry. Birds eating out of runoff grates and disgusting water.

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