June 25, 2012

Cheers and Jeers: June 25, 2012


---- — CHEERS to Vashaun Vermette and Blayke Turcotte, two Malone Middle School students who did the right thing when confronted with a situation that would have tempted many young people to stray. During the school day on June 19, the two sixth-grade boys found a wallet out on an athletic field. Inside was more than $100. Now, we all know how stunned they must have been to see that the wallet was loaded with money. But Vashuan and Turcotte did just what they should have; they took the wallet to the Malone Middle School Office and turned it in, so it could be returned to its rightful owner. Their parents and teachers must feel proud that these boys are so honest and caring. We understand that on that warm day, the office staff gave the boys each an orange fruit drink as a token of their good deed. We add a gold star from the Press-Republican.

JEERS to national chain stores and restaurants in our region that refuse to accept Canadian money under any circumstances. These unyielding outfits usually cite company policy as the reason they won’t take the loonies. Obviously, somebody at corporate headquarters does not understand the economic dynamic of our region, which relies heavily on Canadian customers and sees plenty of that currency on a daily basis. We can understand if a corporation does not want to take Canadian currency in Kansas City, but in Plattsburgh, just a few miles from the border and an hour away from a major Canadian city? It just doesn’t make much business sense. Rejecting Canadian money causes an inconvenience to visitors who are hoping to spend money in this area — and might make them feel less inclined to return.

CHEERS to the Walgreens pharmacy in Plattsburgh, whose pharmacists call customers to see how they’re doing on new medications a few days after filling the prescriptions, ask if the customers have any questions and discuss any possible problems or side effects. We hope other pharmacies provide this extraordinary customer service; we happen to have been made aware that Walgreens does this. Pharmacists are so much more than people who fill bottles with pills. They are on alert for problems that could be caused by different medications and watch for possible troublesome reactions and dangerous interactions. Their counsel is valued by customers, so we applaud all pharmacists who show that they are available to answer questions — and especially those who go out of their way to check up on their customers. That caring attitude inspires loyalty.

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