October 24, 2013

Speakout: Oct. 24, 2013


We use to like going out and listening to a certain band play, but it really gets old when the band members fight on stage. I thought they were suppose to be professional. Guess when they start growing up, we will start going out again.


Do people have anything better to do than waste their time sitting around and gossiping? Is your life so dull that you have to criticize somebody else in order to make yourself feel better? Get a life, a more productive one that involves helping someone instead of belittling them.


Who’s to blame for the shutdown? We are for electing the same bunch of rich people into the same job, term after term, voting the same way. Until term limits are placed on every political office, this same thing will keep happening.


It’s just a little ironic that two former Plattsburgh School District administrators who were deemed under qualified have now helped Chazy Central School become the No. 1-ranked district in the area.


It’s sad that a local soccer coach needs to rant on Facebook about a soccer game, blaming the officials and blaming the other team and parents.


Do we really need another fast-food restaurant in Plattsburgh? Are people not cooking at home anymore? Is life so busy that we have to eat out all the time? Go to the grocery store and buy fresh food. Then go home and cook it. 



My daughter’s teacher emails me every day, and this is great. The part that bothers me is that my child says the teacher sits on the computer all day long. Administrators need to be watching for this.


Are all schools changing their report card to a 1-4 grading scale? This is confusing for a parent, especially when my older child in the same school is given number grades. Consistency is needed.

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