October 23, 2013

Speakout: Oct. 23, 2013


---- — Parking

I encourage the mayor to drive up Broad Street and try to maneuver through the double parked cars from Draper to Sanborn Avenue. There was always no parking on the side heading west. Why allow it now?


When my kids were in school in the 1970s, PHS, MAI and St. Johns all fielded good football teams. Now Seton Catholic, no football team, and PHS had to cancel.


Dear patients, I give you a courtesy call the day before to remind you of your appointment. Have the decency to call back and let me know if you are showing up for your appointment.


It is sad when a charity event incurs unnecessary stress due to uncooperative partners. Oftentimes, people working for a charity are working under time constraints, which adds pressure to finishing the job. All for free. Make sure you know what you are getting in to.


With the latest developments of people being forced to take health care, I just want to know if we are still considered a republic or if we are under kingdom status. People should be reminded how important it is to vote and be mindful of their choices.


Why is it I can buy apples shipped here from out of state cheaper then local grown? Something is wrong with this picture.


We need to replace Congress with a work force instead of the elected crew that gets voted in year after year and does nothing.


Personal hygiene is as follows: brush teeth daily, keep body and hair clean, wear clean clothes. We do not want to smell your breath or your body.


Employers can be sued for sex abuse, but you can’t do much about it when it is verbal, physical or emotional abuse. New York needs to enact more laws to protect employees. What happened to the meaning of “professional behavior?”


How can a father tell his daughter that he prays at night that she gets busted for drugs by the police? At least he would take comfort knowing that she is in a safer place. Heroin is not the answer.


I will never understand why people will “share” someone’s obituary on Facebook and why it’s even an option.


I am so tired of people complaining about NSA surveillance. It’s a good thing they do what they do. Please stop putting the lives of my future children in danger because you have some “moral” obligation and you’re paranoid about the drugs you grow in your backyard.


A local credit union is now charging $1 a month for paper statements. Not everyone has access to high-speed Internet. They are not serving all of their customers by charging this new fee. I will be finding another bank that is more accommodating to those in rural areas.


To those in the City of Plattsburgh, please stop waiting two or three after pickup to return your trash cans back to your house. Worse yet is those who leave their cans at the road seven days a week.


With repeat DWI or DWAI offenders (under the 10-year time frame) in this county, I pray our DA knows that reduced sentencing doesn’t affect these individuals. They will kill someone; it’s just a matter of time.


There are two sides to every story. There is always a little bit of truth in the middle. Don’t completely believe everything you read, especially on Facebook.


I recently witnessed a parent questioning a volunteer coach about his actions. She didn’t know the full story. How discouraging it was for me to see a good coach have to go through something like this. People can be so inconsiderate.


My grandchildren go to a school in the local area. I can’t understand why they are treated like they are in college. Things in the education field have changed so much, and we wonder why we have so many kids with anxiety and depression.


Trauma training for law enforcement? What about CIT crisis intervention training? Then cops could recognize those who are distressed and stop unnecessary killings before they even happen.