October 23, 2013

Editorial: Attend the Series, but go carefully

Like it or not, the arguably two best teams in baseball are in the World Series, which starts today. Like it or not, one of them is the Boston Red Sox.

Sox fans will love the 2013 Fall Classic, especially if they win it. Yankee fans will hate it, especially if the Sox win.

But, because roughly half of the Series will be taking place in nearby Beantown, we’re going to pass along some useful tips from the Better Business Bureau to avoid getting clipped if you’re thinking of going to one or more of the games.

Boston is less than a five-hour drive from our area, or an hour by air out of Plattsburgh International Airport. That makes trying to attend a game a tempting opportunity that doesn’t come along every year.

The Better Business Bureau warns that this kind of event brings out the worst of humankind. Crooks are eager to take advantage of a large dose of enthusiasm and a tiny dose of naivete of sports fans thinking of attending a World Series game.

Here’s what the bureau has to say to people looking for tickets and hotel rooms:

▶ Start your search with trust. Know the name, address and phone number of the business you are considering making a purchase from. Check out the business at to make sure it is legitimate.

▶ Be sure to get the details in writing; this includes the price of the tickets, location of the seats, cancellation policies and any other important information. If booking a hotel room, check the hotel’s website or a well-known travel site to be sure the hotel is legitimate.

▶ If you are uncertain about an online deal for a hotel room, call the hotel directly to verify.

▶ Use a credit card or PayPal when making a purchase online, as the charges are more secure and easiest to dispute if a problem arises.

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