October 23, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Oct. 23, 2013


---- — Positive impact

TO THE EDITOR: I strongly support the nomination and election of Peter Ensel for city councilor for Ward 4.

I have known Peter and his family for the entire 25 years they have resided in the North Country. Peter possesses outstanding communication and organizational skills, which will serve him very well as a City Council member.

Over the years, Peter has invested himself in many aspects of city community service, which has enhanced his knowledge of city benefits and city needs.

He understands the importance of working in a collaborative manner with many different points of view to find the very best resolve for whatever concern may arise. He would continue to do so as city councilor.

We have spoken on many occasions about helping to sustain a “positive vision” for the City of Plattsburgh — improving city administrative efficiencies, expanding cultural and recreational opportunities for all residents and always seeking new economic developments aimed at future tax stabilization for all homeowners and business owners.

Peter will make a positive impact with city governance, which will result in positive outcomes for all.

Peter Ensel is a sincere and trustworthy person who would serve well as city councilor.

Look closely at this candidate; he has my vote of support on Election Day.




Read respected

TO THE EDITOR: Colin Read, my friend and colleague, is running for the Clinton County Legislature in Area 4.

I have known Colin through the many boards and organizations we have served. We were panelists on Mountain Lake PBS’s “Business Affairs” program for more than five years. Colin always understood whatever topic we were discussing, whether it was an issue facing the North Country or the ramifications of policies and actions at the state, national and international level.

While serving together on the Glens Falls National Bank Board, I observed how he earned the respect of regional and corporate board members, and he is one of the strongest supporters of the North Country community.

Colin is a former dean and currently chair of the Economics & Finance Department of SUNY Plattsburgh’s School of Business & Economics, a past president of the Noon Rotary Club, a member of Vision2Action, a member of CPI (the parent board of CVPH Medical Center and Elizabethtown Community Hospital) and now a board member of Fletcher Allen Partners.

Along with his incredible wife, Natalie, Colin created a vineyard and opened a wine-tasting room in downtown Plattsburgh.

He was instrumental in the creation of First Weekends, the successful celebrations that drew hundreds to the center of Plattsburgh this past summer.

Colin Read has as good an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the North Country economy as anyone I have ever known. He is able to look at the broad picture to see what needs to be accomplished, while not losing sight of the small details that matter most to our community.

He will be a masterful member of Clinton County Legislature.

Join me Tuesday, Nov. 5, in voting for Colin Read as our legislator in Area 4.




Port Henry

TO THE EDITOR: Could someone please help Port Henry? Because it can’t seem to help itself.

What a tragedy our attempt at dissolution didn’t pass the first time. Did you know we are one of the last villages left in Essex County?

Other towns and villages combined years ago. Why are we the last to have vision, to unify ourselves to become

stronger, more efficient and less wasteful? One government, moving forward with combined services.

All I can figure is, no one speaks. I hear nothing, but the voices of the fearful. Are we muted in fear?

Port Henry, can you hear me? Are you there?


Port Henry


Bernardi backer

TO THE EDITOR: When I think of public service, John Bernardi comes to mind.

Weeks ago, reading here, I discovered John was running for County Legislature, and I was immediately excited. I know his dedicated work in our area, as a cornerstone of community-oriented service, and I know he will perform the same in our county government.

He brings a thorough knowledge of this community, its needs and strengths and its people, and from this knowledge, John will offer solutions that help our neighbors.

Through my labor union work, I have served with John, carrying out some these community solutions, and John excels at building unity and cooperation with his intelligent leadership and strong organization. He builds consensus with smarts, integrity and well-placed humor — all elements of being an effective leader.

I want to add my voice to the chorus of John’s praise; he has earned my respect and trust. I am fortunate to call John my friend, and I cannot think of a better prepared representative for government.

When considering your choice for county legislator, you could not choose better than John Bernardi.




Lamoy support

TO THE EDITOR: Plattsburgh has grown and prospered significantly over the last 10 to 20 years.

Many people have contributed to this controlled growth. One person who deserves some credit for the positive state of the Town of Plattsburgh is Paul Lamoy.

Not only has Paul demonstrated integrity and honesty, he has also demonstrated that he cares greatly about Plattsburgh and that he cares about the well being of this community.

Paul is determined to continue to make sure he does his part to keep Plattsburgh moving in a positive direction.

I am confident that his role as a town councilman will benefit the Town of Plattsburgh, and that is why Paul will receive my vote.




Politics cited

TO THE EDITOR: How stunning a revelation in your article on Derinda Sherman, former Essex County Republican commissioner of elections.

Very small people bring to attention an error, corrected to ensure no consequence to election results as payback to Sherman for not permitting “instant” reporting at close of polls.

Spinless, myopic Republicans failed to reappoint Sherman as commissioner. Me thinks this is merely a glimpse of Albany and DC politics. 




Candidate goals

TO THE EDITOR: I was born and raised in Ward 1.

I played at South Acres Park, did arts and crafts in the red barn and campaigned door to door when my dad ran for city alderman. It was a great place to grow up.

Surprisingly, I purchased a home in Lake Country Village, back in Ward 1, discovered the challenges associated with operating a 326 unit HOA and vowed to help.

For three years I have been an active, productive member of their Board of Directors, focusing my expertise and energy on bringing positive initiatives and communications to the community. Lake Country Village is thriving.

Now I am eager to introduce my leadership to our city. As a communications consultant, I worked for years with the City of Plattsburgh. I educated and offered tools enabling City Police officers to work more productively and efficiently, saving thousands of dollars annually.

I consulted department managers on the value of integrated services and scaled back their expenses significantly, allowing them to do more with less.

With today’s technology, we should work smarter, not harder. Has there been a strategic assessment of technology used within city departments? No. Is there a road map for what technology is used and how to budget for it? No. Are we spending our limited resources wisely? Currently no policies exist regarding technology; this is not effective and must change.

I will work to establish a Tech Task Force and ensure policies are implemented for a better working City of Plattsburgh. Analyzing and planning equals better spending, operation and maintenance. Our workforce and our taxpayers will benefit from this. I will lean in at the table and work hard for our city. For a brighter future, please vote in November and allow me to be your active leader in Ward 1.




Clukey backing

TO THE EDITOR: To the residents of the Town of Dannemora.

My name is Joe LeClair, and I’m seeking the office of town councilperson and would appreciate your vote on Election Day, Nov. 5.

I’m writing this letter, however, to endorse the candidacy of Lloyd Clukey for highway superintendent for the Town of Dannemora.

I’ve known Lloyd for 30 years or more, as we worked together at Clinton Correctional and later at Lyon Mountain Correctional Facilities. Lloyd has the qualities and experience to operate the Highway Department within the budgetary confines as established by the Town Council.

Lloyd was appointed to the highway superintendent position for the completion of an unexpired term for 10 months in 2012 and performed his duties respectfully and with accountability to the public as well as the Town Council.

Please support Lloyd Clukey on Election Day, Nov. 5.


Lyon Mountain


Ideal candidate

TO THE EDITOR: With local elections on the horizon, many important decisions will be made for our community in the very near future.

With that in mind, I am writing to endorse Peter Ensel for Plattsburgh’s City Council position in Ward 4.

I have known Mr. Ensel since the fall of 2005, when I transferred to SUNY Plattsburgh as a student in the Communications Department. His knowledge of and experience in the broadcasting field was invaluable as my professor in a number of classes.

After graduating in 2007 and putting many of those lessons to professional use as a TV journalist for five years, I returned to SUNY Plattsburgh as a visiting professor in the fall of 2012, where I worked side by side Mr. Ensel as a colleague in the department.

Once again, all of the attributes I found so helpful and appealing as a student were on display as a co-worker. His attention to detail and dedication to his job make Mr. Ensel very good at what he does.

Couple that with his knowledge of local politics and desire to promote development and growth in the community, and I feel you have the ideal candidate for the position of city councilman for Plattsburgh.




Independent voice

TO THE EDITOR: I am proud to write in support of my daughter, Maureen Carlo, and her campaign to represent Ward 1 in the Plattsburgh City Council.

Many years ago, while living in Ward 1, I asked the residents to support me in my campaign for alderman. I take great pride in the community I raised my family in, and I am proud that my daughter returned to Ward 1, sharing her voice in representing Lake Country Village since she bought her home four years ago and joined their Board of Directors.

She is an independent voice and is ready to share that voice beyond Lake Country, throughout Ward 1 and the whole City of Plattsburgh.

I have watched my daughter grow into such a hard-working woman, putting 110 percent in to everything she does.

Maureen is a doer. She has strong convictions, and she isn’t afraid to stand up for herself and her beliefs, often choosing the right vote over the popular vote. Having faced tragedy and challenges throughout life, Maureen conquers the negative, remaining positive and focused, as she has done throughout this campaign and in the many committees and boards she so diligently serves on.

If you haven’t met Maureen yet, when you do you will agree that she is smart, likable and has the best interest of Plattsburgh’s bright future in mind.

Please support my daughter and vote for Carlo Ward 1 in November. Maureen will make Plattsburgh proud.


Daytona Beach, Fla.


Veterans dishonored

TO THE EDITOR: There was a large turnout for both the POW/MIA event and the World War II veteran trip to Washington.

There is no question that the people of Clinton County show their gratitude to the military.

There was little gratitude for the military in 1968. On our return trip from Fort Drum, I stopped at a carnival food booth with my buddy Steve. I ordered a hamburger and fries and handed my money to the lady behind the counter. A man who was working on the grill shouted to the woman, “Don’t serve them! They are not in proper uniform. They are not wearing their hats.”

I turned and looked at Steve. We walked back without talking for awhile, then Steve said one word, “Jerk.”

“Gung ho jerk” I replied. We were 23 years old, cold and hungry. We went back and slept on the ground for one more night before we would be home.

Today, if a 23-year-old kid in uniform handed his money to a woman behind a food counter, somebody would shout, “Don’t take his money. I’ll pay for his meal.” It wouldn’t matter if his uniform was not perfect.

It is still a difficult job to serve in the military, but at least today America supports our troops and shows their gratitude often.

Unfortunately, there are still some “jerks” around. While the people of Clinton County and folks around the nation honor American veterans, politicians in Washington disgrace them. There is a backlog of applications for veteran disability benefits, and they shut down the government for some zealous ideological self interest.

I know a local disabled veteran who can’t make her rent payment because of the backlog in Washington. What kind of people would deprive our veterans their most basic necessities? Jerks.




Supporting Dickerson

TO THE EDITOR: I am happy to support the campaign of Gregg Dickerson for Willsboro town justice.

Gregg was raised in Willsboro and graduated from Willsboro Central in 1985.

Gregg continued his education at SUNY Delhi and SUNY Plattsburgh, graduating with a degree in criminal justice.

Gregg has 10 years experience working as a probation officer for the Essex County Probation Department, specializing in juvenile and youthful offenders. Gregg then became a correction counselor for the New York State Department of Correction Services for the last eight years.

Gregg’s 18 years of combined service in probation and corrections have led to a strong relationship with law enforcement, our District Attorney’s Office and the Public Defender’s Office, the same people he will be working with if he is elected town justice.

Gregg has the experience, desire and ability to serve Willsboro well for many years to come as town justice. Please vote for Gregg Dickerson on Nov. 5.



Essex County Republican Committee 


Lawson support

TO THE EDITOR: I am pleased to write this letter of support for Bruce Lawson for Plattsburgh City Council in Ward 5.

I have known Bruce since his arrival in Plattsburgh, primarily through his involvement with the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, and have interacted with him in a variety of ways in our congregation. I am also familiar with Bruce’s involvement with many other community organizations.

On many occasions, Bruce has given his time and energy when needed by our congregation, often in the role of guidance and leadership. Of particular note, on two separate occasions when issues disrupted the planned succession in our Board of Directors, Bruce volunteered to assume the role of president of the congregation.

Bruce participates in discussions, often as the facilitator, with an open mind and the ability to be objective. His leadership focus is not necessarily toward his personal preferences or to the advantage of his own interests; rather he acknowledges all perspectives and facilitates reaching solutions that are best for the congregation.

Bruce’s willingness to do what is right versus what is easy has been demonstrated repeatedly. Like most diverse organizations, members in our congregation are not always of like mind; when there are challenging issues with decisions to be made we often have as many opinions as members. I am particularly appreciative of the manner in which Bruce manages egos, conflicts and personalities during emotional discussions and decision making.

Bruce is a caring, concerned and warm person who is always willing to share a smile and a little humor, and an attentive ear. Bruce will continue to share his talents and skills with our community and the residents of the City of Plattsburgh will benefit with him as a city councilor. It is a pleasure knowing and working with him.




Backing O’Connell

TO THE EDITOR: When I heard that Paul O’Connell was running for a seat on the Common Council, I felt compelled to write this letter in full support of his run.

My name is Rich Bisso. I lived, worked and raised my children in Plattsburgh. In the 35 years that my wife and I lived in that great city, we became good friends with Paul and his wife. We were neighbors for a good portion of that time.

I can say without a doubt that Paul is one of the most honest, trustworthy men I know. Paul knows Plattsburgh and I dare say most of Plattsburgh knows Paul. If you’re looking for a yes man, he’s not for you. When a problem presents itself, Paul will search for the solution and give you a no-nonsense answer.

He is easy to talk to and very approachable. Paul loves this city and understands its problems. As a lifelong resident, he has seen Plattsburgh grow into what it is today. In my humble opinion, Plattsburgh has a unique chance to elect one of the strongest candidates to come forward in years. 

Please, if you’re undecided, call Paul and talk to him. He will be a strong voice for his ward and the City of Plattsburgh.


Pawleys Island, S.C.


Outstanding candidates

TO THE EDITOR: Susan Polhemus possesses all of the necessary qualifications for Clinton County treasurer and then some.

Her vast experience in accounting, banking, municipal government and business will enable her to do an outstanding job as treasurer. There is absolutely no question in my mind that Sue is the most qualified and would be the best choice.

Peru is also very fortunate to have excellent Republican candidates running for town offices, including Peter Glushco, for supervisor, Jack Lawless for town justice and Mike Farrell for highway superintendent.

Don McBrayer is a candidate for Town Council. Don currently serves on the Zoning Board and is the town’s webmaster. He is a driving force and a key organizer of St. Augustine’s annual Peru Applefest.  Don is also active in the Lions Club, Knights of Columbus and is very interested and involved in town affairs. Don McBrayer is a dedicated and tireless worker and would be an excellent choice for Town Council.

Kathy Flynn is running for re-election as Peru town clerk and tax collector. Kathy has proven her excellence time and time again during her 11 years in office.  Her genuine, cheerful smile and willingness to help greets everyone entering her office.

Kathy was born and raised in Peru and has a deep love for the town and the people in it. In addition to her official duties, Kathy also interacts with people of all ages through her involvement in the Peru Youth Commission.

Peru voters have repeatedly shown the trust and confidence they have in her as millions of their taxpayer dollars pass through her capable hands each year. Please join me on Nov. 5 as I vote for these outstanding Peru candidates.




Rosenquest leadership

TO THE EDITOR: Elder voters, I encourage you to take a minute of your time to consider the positive impact a vote for Chris Rosenquest for mayor of Plattsburgh will have. 

Our population is aging, and we need to act now to keep this area vibrant for us and for our children. How do we attract people, retain young professionals and allow more who have left to return? Nothing trumps promotion and improvement of quality of life. This draws more employers and assures that they secure the most ambitious employees. Ultimately, this broadening of the tax base will reduce your tax bill.

Mr. Rosenquest’s leadership will help give this city a much-needed and deserved boost. He is bright, strong, well-educated and experienced in business. He fully understands the issues City Hall faces and will both streamline the delivery of essential services and assure meaningful long-term community and economic development.

Chris is from here, went to St John’s, grew up and graduated from PHS, CCC and SUNY Plattsburgh. He set out to the West Coast, working in the high-tech sector, attaining a MBA and cultivated his entrepreneurial talents as a small-business owner.

Rosenquest is back with valuable big-city knowledge to help raise the bar. He will bring much-needed new ideas to the table to control expenses and taxes while growing the pie rather than bickering about how to cut it up.

Voice your support for this impressive member of your community who knows first-hand what it takes to keep this place relevant, to embolden its spot on the map and assure the residents can be proud now and looking forward.

Have your vote count. More importantly, tell your friends and family, and help this place shine. Let’s not just survive; let’s thrive.


West Chazy


McBrayer committed

TO THE EDITOR: I’m writing this in support of Donald McBrayer, who is running for Town Council for the Town of Peru.

Donnie is an exemplary person to fill the bill of all-around gentleman, citizen, representative for Peru. He is chairperson of the Peru Republican Committee, financial secretary in the Peru Knights of Columbus Council 7273, member of the Peru Zoning Board and former director of the St. Augustine’s Applefest Committee.

Donnie is a committed person who will work very hard and studiously for the Town of Peru to keep taxes down and for the betterment of the community. He is a very caring, loving person who has a granddaughter of 1 1/2 years old and a very loving husband and father. Donnie does not know what the phrase, “Sit down and rest a moment,” means.

So, a vote for Donnie and all the Peru Republicans who are running would greatly appreciate your vote. So, please get out and vote on Nov. 5 for Donnie McBrayer and the entire team.




Morales intelligent

TO THE EDITOR: I would like to take the opportunity to express my support for Michael Morales as councilperson for Beekmantown.

Mr. Morales has proven to be intelligent, meticulous and committed to this position. He has dedicated countess hours researching and providing the current board and those he represents with information pertaining to every decision before the board.

Mr. Morales is impartial and dedicated to the betterment of our community.  His service to this community and the Town Council has proven to be invaluable and I encourage every resident to learn more about this outstanding candidate for re-election as Town Councilperson.  




Re-elect Dame

TO THE EDITOR: When I think of Mark Dame, one of the first characteristics that come to mind is integrity.

I have known Mark Dame for more than 20 years, and I wish I lived in Area 8 if only so I could vote for him in the upcoming election for Clinton County legislator.

Mark takes his role representing taxpayers seriously and considers all issues with great deliberation and sincerity. His thoughtful, frugal position on financial matters in particular is what I find most admirable and appealing from a political perspective.

On a personal level, I can assure you that Mark Dame is conscientious, fair and unafraid to speak his mind — all beneficial qualities which also carry over into his decision-making duties as Clinton County legislator.

If you want bold leadership, someone with great integrity who is trustworthy and will represent your best interests as loyally and enthusiastically as he would whether you were a close friend or someone he’s never before met, then re-elect Mark Dame as Clinton County legislator for Area 8.




McBrayer supporter

TO THE EDITOR: I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and express my support for Donald McBrayer in his bid for election as town councilman for Peru.

I have gotten to know over the past several years, and I have been very impressed with his knowledge and understanding concerning the Town of Peru and how it functions. This knowledge comes from Don’s participation as an active member of the Peru Zoning Board and the Peru Planning Board.

His understanding of Peru’s needs has also been achieved through his attendance at nearly all Peru Town Council meetings over the past five years in an attempt to keep the citizens of Peru informed as he maintains the town’s website.

Don’s attributes go beyond just his participation in town activities, as he is a local businessman and a committed member of St. Augustine’s parish, in which he chaired the Applefest Committee for the past four years, as well as being the financial secretary for Knights of Columbus 7273.

It is my belief that Donald McBrayer brings a wealth of knowledge and experience that the Town of Peru could benefit from if he were a member of the Town Council.

It is my hope that you will join me in supporting Donald McBrayer in his election bid to become a member of the Town Council in Peru.




O’Connell skillful

TO THE EDITOR: Residents in Plattsburgh’s Fourth Ward should be proud to have Paul O’Connell seated as your next councilor.

We believe Paul has the skills necessary to represent your Ward 4 interest equally and fairly.

Paul is a great team player and an excellent listener. Paul has been a lifelong resident in the City of Plattsburgh and knows your issues well. Unfortunately, we live outside your district and aren’t able to vote for Paul, but YOU can. Good luck Paul.




City candidates

TO THE EDITOR: There is a group of individuals running for city government this year that has given me a renewed sense of pride and comfort that our city will be in very capable hands.

First member of the team, and its captain, Jim Calnon.  Jim, running for mayor, has been instrumental in preparing city budgets for the past six years.  His leadership, and knowledge of the way the city operates and its financial needs, should continue.  His financial savvy and understanding of state/city relationships are second to none.

Next is Bill Ferris in Ward 1, whol owns a successful business in Plattsburgh, as well as rental property. I realize, as a local property owner and business person, that Bill has a unique quality that his opponents do not have: hands-on experience.  Bill understands the fragile balance between success and failure, where the smallest change can make a huge difference to a bottom line.

 The third team member is Bruce Lawson in Ward 5.  Bruce is a longtime friend and true professional.  He is very involved in all aspects of our community, from music and the arts, to serving on many boards and committees. Bruce had many years of experience working with million-dollar budgets for WPTZ, and as a true fiscal conservative, knows how to make money work to its fullest potential.

And Chris Jackson is running in Ward 6.  His experience serving for the past six years on the council, as well as his accounting background, are very positive assets he brings to this race. 

I have been in business for more than 50 years in and around Plattsburgh.  I firmly believe that we should continue along the fiscal path begun by the current administration.




Calnon a leader

TO THE EDITOR: We are fast approaching Election Day and a new era in the political makeup of the City of Plattsburgh.

New leadership, new ideas and vision for the city will be coupled with the serious demands of managing a budget that must somehow meet the needs of all the various factions represented in the city, but also be applied to growing the city, with all that is entailed in that simplistic statement.

Jim Calnon has invested virtually his entire career, prior to becoming a city councilor and mayor pro-tem, to working with disparate interests, consensus-building, searching out funding for the multitude of undertakings that have enriched this community at the broadest level.

Subsequently, Jim Calnon has worked diligently to save the city thousands of dollars, to fund new business development in the city and to enlist support for initiatives such as shared services and cost sharing with the Town of Plattsburgh. He has been effective as a budget officer and played a leadership role in returning the city’s fund balance to a positive one, as well as improving the city’s credit rating.

While I am not a resident of the City of Plattsburgh and therefore am unable to cast a vote in the upcoming election, I am well aware that the success of the City of Plattsburgh will ultimately have a huge impact on those of us who live in the town and the nearby communities.




Consider and vote

TO THE EDITOR: While national elections are one year away, state elections are here.

It is time to pay more attention to officials presently in office, or espousing their beliefs. In doing so, you have time to separate the most level honest-thinking person from the radicals that are proffering hate and demonstrating actions that makes one shudder to think that we have allowed these unbalanced people to attain office.

The country is now, and has been for the past three years, governed by a select group of tea party and fringe groups to control the Republican-held Congress and bring the country to a standstill.

We have elected twice, our President Obama.  It was the will of the masses, but the House has, with hatred, done everything in their power to demolish his presidency.

In the meantime our bridges, railroads, public highways needing improvement are deteriorating while “jobs” have not been voted on due to the control of this fringe group that has taken over our governing system.

We have short time to consider the future of our country.  Listen to those running for office; if they are honest and factual in their presentation,  vote for them regardless of your party‘s affiliation. It will take time to correct the loss of legislation, but will better our governing.

I am not anti-Republican, but decry those desiring to ruin our democracy with radical beliefs and actions. Consider and vote democratically!




Ferris dedicated

TO THE EDITOR: Although I live in West Plattsburgh, I’ve known Bill Ferris since he came to this area in the early 1980s.

We have been great friends ever since.

I’ve seen Bill wear many different hats: friends, business owner, landlord and family man. I have yet to see him lose his temper or argue with anyone. He always makes it a point to listen to people first before commenting. He then does his best to correct any problem that may arise. 

  Bill would make an honest, hard-working and dedicated councilperson for Ward 1. He truly loves Plattsburgh and wants to see the city grow. I feel the city is on the right track with Bill Ferris on the ballet.

Please elect Bill Ferris to help take Plattsburgh to the next level. You won’t be dissapointed.


West Plattsburgh


Lawson experienced

TO THE EDITOR: This letter is written in support of Bruce Lawson for Plattsburgh City Council, Ward 5.

We have known Bruce and his family for the past five years. During that time we have found Bruce to be of high moral caliber and an upstanding citizen of the City of Plattsburgh. We have no doubt that Bruce will be an outstanding city councilor and will work tirelessly for the good of the city as a collective whole.

All one needs to do is engage Bruce in a conversation regarding the city and it is abundantly clear that he will work toward the necessary goals of not only continued stability of the city, but for growth balanced by economic responsibility. Bruce has the gift of good common sense coupled with the dedication required to participate as a member of our local government. He is passionate about doing what is right and being a member of our City Council.

Bruce’s prior experience as general sales manager at WPTZ will be a valuable asset to his position as city councilor, as he has been involved in city and regional business operations at WPTZ. He also has been very active as a leader in his church, served on the board for United Way and has a terrific understanding of the people and region we live in.

Through the past 10 years of living in Plattsburgh and helping to develop the heart program at CVPH, we feel we have an understanding of the City of Plattsburgh. We wholeheartedly endorse Bruce Lawson as Ward 5 Plattsburgh city councilor as the right candidate to help steer the city in these very difficult times.




Vote for change

TO THE EDITOR: It is incredible to find that a union president would endorse a mayoral candidate without consulting the union membership. 

The excuse that many of them do not live in the city and could not vote for mayor is lame. They still are affected by the outcome of this election.

 With that said, I fully endorse the only candidate that is making any sense in all this, and that is Mark Tiffer.

Mark has experience and leadership. He is not a tourist nor a Kasprzak clone. He is one of us, a down-to-earth person that will breathe new life into the City of Plattsburgh.

So I urge you to vote for Mark on election day. This city needs change, not more of the same.




Ferris attributes

TO THE EDITOR: William “Bill” Ferris would make an excellent addition to the Plattsburgh City Council for Ward 1 this November.

Bill is the owner of Big Apple, a well-known and established business in the Plattsburgh area. He recently bought the 17 Durkee St. property, where he has done extensive renovations for his business.

Bill has been self-employed for more than 25 years and at his current business in Plattsburgh for over 12 years now. He is well acquainted with the business and economic challenges of business owners and the City of Plattsburgh as a whole.

He is a fiscal conservative who understands the need to control costs and balance spending with available capital. His business experience and understanding would be a valuable asset for the citizens of Plattsburgh to have on the City Council.

Bill and his wife, Kristen, have four children and have been city property owners for more than 20 years. He understands budget constraints for a family and the need to control spending. I would be voting for Bill but cannot since my residence is in Ward 4. 

A vote for William “Bill” Ferris is a choice for controlled spending and responsible city government.

I would ask all of Ward I to support Bill for the Plattsburgh City Council.




Continuing to learn

TO THE EDITOR: We write this letter in support of Paul O’Connell, who is seeking election in November.

We have known Paul for more than 30 years and wish to express our support for his candidacy. We have interacted with Paul as teacher and as principal of his children, observed him in his actions as a coach for a number of local sports teams, shared Mission of Hope experiences with him on multiple trips and worshipped in the same faith community for years.

On all occasions and in all circumstances, we witnessed his integrity, commitment to his local community, his service to those less fortunate than himself and watched as he and his wife, Sue, strove to instill those same values in their two daughters.

Perhaps two of Paul’s greatest attributes are his ability to acknowledge he is always learning and his unique and wholesome sense of humor.

We consider ourselves blessed to know Paul, Sue, Kacey and Lindsey and wish Paul success in this and all future endeavors.





Quality candidates

TO THE EDITOR: City voters have an opportunity to vote for two excellent representatives this Nov. 5.

The first is James Edward Calnon, candidate for mayor. Jim has an excellent background, is a graduate of SUNY Plattsburgh, local businessman, civil servant, city councilman and mayor pro-tem.

But more important fo me, I have known him well most of my life. He is the smartest, most honest, best-intentioned man I know. He will offer the city the calm, reasoned leadership that it needs in challenging times.

Jim could use the assistance of Paul O’Connell from Ward 4. I have known Paul for years, having worked and socialized with him. I cannot imagine anyone either knowing of, or caring more, for Ward 4 than Paul. He was born, raised and has lived his life there. He knows the needs of the voters and has the skills and devotion to meet the needs of young and old alike.

Jim and Paul have worked together in the past; reunite them.




Reaffirm candidates

TO THE EDITOR: Election season is here once again.

We all know the state our government is in at this time. Voting is one of the few privileges we have that the government hasn’t restricted — yet. So get out and vote.

Not only vote, but check out the candidates running for office. What are they promising to do if elected? Check out the incumbents also. Have they done what they said they would or are they in office for their own benefit?

I would like to recommend two candidates for this year in the Town of Plattsburgh. I have worked with both of them and find that they do the job they were elected to do: Kevin Patnode as town justice and Jackie Bellew as tax receiver.

Both are running unopposed, but give them your vote anyway so they will know people are pleased with the jobs they are doing.

See you at the polls.




Highly qualified

TO THE EDITOR: I am writing this letter in support of Kimberly Davis for Clinton County treasurer.

I have known her for six years, and in that time she has impressed me with her experience, education, background and work ethic.

Kimberly graduated magna cum laude with a degree in business and minor in accounting from SUNY Plattsburgh. She was honored by Hillary Clinton and Betty Little with the SUNY Chancellor’s Award for student excellence.

She has been a town assessor, has an investment license and was an award-winning branch manager of a local bank, a job she gave up to run for treasurer.

She is committed to helping residents avoid the foreclosure process by working with individuals and families on credit, budgeting and mortgages.

The Clinton County Treasurer’s Office deals, on a yearly basis, with about $200 million. It handles many different accounts, including county sales- and occupancy-tax revenues of $50 million. In addition, the office invests $20 million in various funds. It sets up accounts for the approximately 75 grants that the office administers.

I believe Kimberly Davis has all of the qualifications to deal with the many challenges of being our county treasurer.

Kimberly is a very hard worker and has volunteered her time to many County organizations. We should elect this highly qualified and dedicated individual, and I urge the residents of Clinton County to give her their support.


Rouses Point


Henry endorsed

TO THE EDITOR: Having served as town clerk/tax collector for the past 24 years, it is my privilege to endorse Mark Henry for supervisor.

Mark has proven to be a dedicated individual to public service. He has many years as a Border Patrol officer, as well as his time served on the Chazy Central Rural School Board, both supervising individuals and dealing with budgets.

Vote Mark Henry for supervisor on Tuesday, Nov. 5.


Chazy town clerk/tax collector


Dedicated, hardworking

TO THE EDITOR: Kimberly Davis has made history this campaign season, with the Independence Primary being one that will be talked about for many years to come.

For the first time, a candidate has won a county-wide primary election as a write-in candidate for the Independence Party.

Because an Independence Party does not currently exist in Clinton County, the Independence line is almost always given to the Republican candidate. Therefore, local registered Independence voters do not have a say about who is on their line on the ballet. Kimberly Davis wanted to give the voters that choice.

To hear that her opponent felt holding such a primary was a waste of money is insulting to democracy and to all our veterans who have served and fought on our behalf to protect such a right.

It is very difficult to win as a write-in candidate, but Kimberly Davis did just that by garnering over 60 percent of the vote, even though people were required to write her name in a blank box while her opponent’s name was already printed on the ballot.

Kimberly has worked tirelessly and continues to, going door to door speaking with, listening and answering questions to voters of all parties throughout Clinton County.

Kimberly has proven she is willing, able and capable of the hard work and dedication required for the position as Clinton County treasurer.

That is the kind of person we as taxpayers need, deserve and demand to have in office working on our behalf.




Experience cited

TO THE EDITOR: We would like to recommend Jim Calnon for the next mayor of the City of Plattsburgh.

Our reasons for selecting Jim Calnon are that of his previous years of experience as an effective city councilor in Ward 4. 

During his tenure as a city councilor, he helped craft budgets that put our city’s credit in good condition with the state, budgets that were crafted to meet the needs of the city and taxpayers. And the council took on new projects that were meaningful to our city in the way of expansion and growth.

During his tenure, he was elected at least twice as the Common Council’s mayor pro tem, as an endorsement of the council to recognize his leadership to get things done.

In this election, we need someone who has been a leader in city government and who can get things done for Plattsburgh and its taxpayers. Not that new ideas are not good, but we need good, experienced leadership along with new ideas to continue the solid footing our city has begun to enjoy both locally, statewide and with our Canadian neighbors who frequent our city.

These are our reasons why we should elect Jim Calnon as our next mayor, for his leadership and effective way of getting things done with our best interests as our city moves forward, noting that Plattsburgh is a great place to live and raise our families.





Works with all

TO THE EDITOR: We are writing in support of Bobby Hall for Clinton County Legislator for Area 10. 

Bobby served eight years as a Plattsburgh city councilor, spent 47 years as a private businessman and served as a vice president of the union for Diamond National.

Bobby and his wife, Beverly, raised their six children in Plattsburgh, where they all graduated from Plattsburgh High School.

Bobby believes his biggest asset has been working well with Democrats, Republicans and Independents throughout his years as councilman. This resulted in some of his best accomplishments during his political career. Working together is very important to him.

Meredith and I are very good friends with Bobby, and we believe he will work very hard for every taxpayer. Bobby will always give you an honest opinion on the issues, and, more importantly, he is not beholding to anyone.

His many years as a councilor and private business owner bode well for the difficult fiscal decisions Clinton County will be facing in the future.

Please join us in supporting Bobby Hall for Clinton County legislator in Area 10 on Election Day, Nov. 5.




Renadette effective

TO THE EDITOR: We would like to throw our wholehearted support behind Gerry Renadette for Clinton County Legislature.

Gerry brings a lot of experience with him. We feel this will make him more effective and efficient on this larger venue.

Gerry always brings a personal touch of caring when approached for guidance and help. When we were going through the process of opening The Hungry Bear, Gerry was instrumental in guiding us through the local government rules and regulations. Thank you, Gerry.

We urge all voters to get out and vote. We need people like Gerry.





Renadette praised

TO THE EDITOR: I am not going to bore you with generalizing, obvious, complimentary remarks of why you should vote for Gerry Renadette.

As a cousin, I have a close relationship and much respect for Gerry. We have had many discussions and debates on politics. 

Watching the total and disturbing gridlock in Washington, brings to mind one of Gerry’s outstanding virtues. Throughout his political career, he has, when he felt it necessary, put politics aside and lobbied and voted for the betterment of the people.

His past term as town councilman left him as the lone Republican on the board. Gerry has not been hesitant to work with and support his fellow Democratic Town Council members if he felt it was for the good of the town residents. Gerry will bring this same conscientious voting to the county level.

I have seen Gerry standing in the pouring rain with coffee for town employees working on broken pipes. It is this kind of man I would like to see working for all the people of Clinton County.

Gerry was appointed to the Ethics Committee and helped write the standards by which the Town of Plattsburgh is held to. Gerry has had 17 years serving in the political arena.

I urge all voters to give Gerry the chance to bring his expertise, sense of fair play and his true love of politics and the people of this area to the Clinton County Legislature by voting for him this November.




Volunteer efforts

TO THE EDITOR: Rick Perry of Plattsburgh helped me in running our Sept. 27, 2009, Hudson River Challenge Open Bass Tournament to support the troops with the USO.

One year later, Rick himself took the lead and managed a second event, the Aug. 29, 2010, Lake Champlain Challenge Open Bass Tournament to benefit the troops with the USO at Fort Drum.

Additionally, Rick has assisted me in further support of our troops with the Wounded Warrior Project in 2011 (NY Giants ticket raffle fundraising project).

Rick continues with troop support efforts in 2012 and helped me promote the Sept. 21 Lake Hopatcong Challenge Open Bass Tournament to support the troops with the USO of Metropolitan New York.

As USO Volunteer of the Year (2009), I appreciate the volunteer work in supporting our brave service members that Rick continues to graciously accomplish. 


Bergen Bassmasters president

Union City, N.J.


Integrity, respect

TO THE EDITOR: I am a Clinton County resident, residing in the Town of Peru, and am the president of the New York Chapter of the Bass Federation.

I write to you today in support of Richard “Rick” Perry and his bid for Clinton County Legislature.

In the many years I have known Rick, he has been a pillar of integrity and has displayed nothing but the utmost respect for others.

He has worked hard to bring a much-needed economic boost to the area in the form of the professional fishing industry and the associated tourism dollars it brings. Through his efforts over the last 10-plus years, tens of millions of dollars has been injected into our local economy.

I feel that Rick is a goal-oriented individual who will work hard for the members of the communities within Clinton County. He will bring valuable experience to the legislature, with a continued emphasis on promoting the North Country’s scenic beauty and tourism potential.


Bass Federation president


Cooperative, innovative

TO THE EDITOR: I have known and enjoyed knowing Rick Perry for decades.

I had the pleasure of working with Rick in youth hockey and baseball. Rick volunteered countless hours over many years for the youth of this community.

As an individual who has done the same, it is a significant community contribution to spend most weekday evenings and every weekend on a baseball field or hockey rink. But when you love to help others, as Rick does, it is an easy thing to do.

As building inspector, Rick always worked hard to facilitate projects by utilizing a very cooperative approach in managing/supervising projects while still upholding the codes. Ricks approach encourages development rather than discourages it.

As a community leader, Rick has exhibited innovation and perseverance essential to bringing dreams to reality. His instrumental role in bringing fishing tournaments to Plattsburgh/Clinton County is a legacy. Fishing tournaments have a huge economic impact and created a sense of community pride.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Rick for three years on the Strategic Tourism Planning Committee, which was instrumental in developing the Destination Master Plan for Plattsburgh and Clinton County.

His tireless efforts and countless hours of time in the brainstorming process were invaluable. Rick offered innovative ideas contributing to the development of the concept for the City Beach property.

Finally, one trait that I always look for in a person is whether the person has the attitude to always do the best at whatever they do in life. If they have this caring, motivated attitude built into their personality, then their only limitation in doing extremely well is their aptitude.

Rick has this conscientious and caring attitude, and he has an abundance of aptitude. Rick will be a huge asset in any endeavor he chooses to pursue.




Willing to listen

TO THE EDITOR: I am writing on the behalf of Bruce Lawson, who is running for Plattsburgh city councilor in Ward 5.

I have known Bruce for more than 13 years. In personally speaking with him, I know that he has taken the initiative to attend the Common Council meetings and spoken with the heads of many city departments in order to be better informed and understand the city’s current issues.

I know Bruce to be a highly passionate, committed, dedicated and caring individual. With all the endeavors that I know of, Bruce always gives his best and maximum effort. He is a person who is easy to speak with but is willing to listen and debate an issue, if necessary.

For all these reasons, I truly believe that Bruce Lawson is the strongest and best candidate for Ward 5.




Change needed

TO THE EDITOR: This letter is for the all voters in the Town of Plattsburgh.

You may not be aware of the financial crisis the Town is in due to our current elected officials’ financial mismanagement. Year after year, the auditors cite pages of findings: many of them ongoing problems that year after year have not been addressed.

Now, our elected officials are planning on a tax-cap override. They want more money, even though they cannot and have not properly managed the money they have already collected.

We need independent-thinking officials with fiscal sense who will be accountable to the taxpayers.

Please join me in supporting Bill Brudvig and Tom Metz to be our new Town Council representatives.

I also give a shout-out to support Colin Read to be our county legislator in Area 4.

Please vote for these candidates on Election Day. Your pocketbook depends on it.




Benkwitt praised

TO THE EDITOR: As election time approaches, once again it is our right to participate and make our choice of candidates known.

It is also our responsibility to think about what is best for our town, city, state or country.

As the sister of Barb Benkwitt, who is running for Schuyler Falls Town Council, I would like to share some insights.

She is a person who always thinks of other first. She does not make snap decisions but thinks about issues carefully and seeks to understand others’ points of view. She is a tireless worker and always honest in both words and deeds.

If I had to say what her motto is, it would be to “always leave a place better than when you found it.” She will serve you with enthusiasm, dedication and integrity.

Please vote on election day, and please vote for Barb Benkwitt for Town Council for Schuyler Falls.




Council performance

TO THE EDITOR: The hall was packed full with residents for the Town of Plattsburgh Town Council meeting on Oct. 15.

All of them were very upset with the Town Council, which proposed Local Law No. 3 that could see residents’ tax bills increase by 47 percent.

Comments from the public were certainly not complimentary of the Town Council performance.

I heard statements like “poor budgeting,” “mismanagement of public monies,” “attack on senior people who are on fixed income,” “out-of-control spending,” “definitely not a way to attract new businesses and residents.”

One half of the folks in attendance stood up and spoke. All of them were highly critical of the proposed law and Town Council.

After listening for nearly an hour to people criticizing their performance, I expected the shame to be too much for the Town Council members. I expected them to bow their heads and resign on the spot. But no, they carried on as if they had heard nothing at all. They appeared not to get the message.

I guess they will on Nov. 5.




Solid leadership

TO THE EDITOR: You owe it to yourself and your neighbors to visit with Bruce Lawson, candidate for Plattsburgh City Council Ward 5.

Before heading for the polls on Nov. 5, you will discover for yourself how well prepared on all issues this “guy with the hat” really is.

If his energy and concern over Plattsburgh’s future don’t win you over, then surely his enthusiasm will.

Through business experience, Bruce has developed a solid background of leadership in sales and management and the art of executive decision making. He is personable and approachable, unafraid of hard work, disciplined and persuasive when he needs to be. These are all qualities that will serve us well with Bruce on Plattsburgh City Council.

With an eye toward the future, Bruce envisions Plattsburgh’s greatest challenge to be budgeting for today’s “essentials,” such as necessary city services and infrastructure improvements, as well as tomorrow’s “investments” for growth and quality-of-life enhancements.

Discuss this with Bruce, and you will discover there is more than an overview here because lurking under that hat of his are a number of solid suggestions.

Bruce will always speak of a bright future for Plattsburgh. He will also be happy to discuss his ideas on strengthening current relationships with business, charitable organizations and the arts community; taking advantage of our waterfront location and tourism to grow revenues; working more closely with town and county on areas of common interest; and keeping tax rates stable and budgeting strict.

You should also know that Bruce serves on United Way Board, is active with Lake Champlain Basin Program and helps run a concert series.

Please join me in supporting Bruce Lawson for City Council Ward 5. We need him working for Plattsburgh.




Prepared, motivated

TO THE EDITOR: I would like to express my delight to see that Michael Morales has decided to run for another term as town councilor of Beekmantown.

During his tenure, Mr. Morales has contributed significantly and positively to the  council. Regardless of the topic at hand, Mr. Morales always reviews the topic thoroughly, asks insightful questions and votes thoughtfully. This indicates a high level of preparedness, interest and motivation.

In addition, Mr. Morales is providing Beekmantown residents with an email summary of the agenda, discussions and resolutions for each of the council’s meetings.

This is an invaluable service for those of us who are interested in the town’s business but who do not have time to attend all the meetings.

Beekmantown residents are lucky to have a councilor such as Mr. Morales.




Peru candidates

TO THE EDITOR: have had the privilege to know, for many years, four of the people who are on the ballot in the Town of Peru.

Pete Glushko, Jim Douglas and Kathy Flynn have been dedicated to the people of Peru for past years. I am confident that they will continue to work to make Peru a wonderful place to live and raise a family.

Lana Knight is seeking a position as a member of the Town Council. She has an excellent business background and has an outstanding work ethic. I have worked with her and know firsthand that she will be a great addition to the Town Council.




Morales involved

TO THE EDITOR: I would like to personally endorse Mike Morales and encourage everyone to re-elect him to the Beekmantown Town Council.

As someone who attends the council meetings on a regular basis, I have witnessed Mike’s dedication to the town and his drive to better the lives of people who live in Beekmantown.

Mike has been very involved in the many issues that have been brought before the council, including spearheading the project to bring natural gas to the Town for Beekmantown.

Mike cares deeply about the residents of the town and always works hard to make the town a better place in which to live.

Please re-elect Mike Morales for another four years and help him continue the work he has already started.




Chairman endorses

TO THE EDITOR: Election Day is Nov. 5.

As chairman of a political party, I have always believed the most important job is to promote the candidacies of qualified people with a true commitment to representing all the people who elect them, not just the interests of their party.

This year, there are several key elections. One of these is State Supreme Court justice. Mark Powers is an excellent candidate, recognized as a fair and impartial Judge.

Andrew Wylie is running for re-election as Clinton County district attorney. He has done a great job for us and deserves to continue.

Kimberly Davis is running for county treasurer. She is truly qualified, a graduate of SUNY Plattsburgh, Kim was an honor student in their Accounting and Economics Program. Kim has excelled at everything she has undertaken. She will be an outstanding county treasurer.

We have four strong candidates for the County Legislature: Colin Read (Area 4), Patty Waldron (Area 6), Bob Dolan (Area 8) and Bobby Hall (Area 10).

These candidates bring to the table a wide array of talents and work experiences. They each are or have been successful business owners. The next four years will be pivotal years for our county economically.

Their hard-won experience and personal knowledge will be invaluable as they study the issues and find the solutions to the problems confronting Clinton County. In addition, each of them has pledged to represent the people from their areas as members of the County Legislature.

In the City of Plattsburgh, we will have virtually a complete change in government. The Democratic slate is well suited to deal with the issues facing the city.

One special comment from me is reserved for Paul O’Connell. I have known Paul his entire life and firmly believe he will be an outstanding city councilor. Please vote.



Clinton County Democratic Committee


Professional, dedicated

TO THE EDITOR: I am writing to express my support for Paul “Crusher” O’Connell, who is running for city councilor for Ward 4.

I have known Paul personally and professionally for over 10 years. I am confident that he will be an asset to the city.

He is professional, dedicated and committed to whatever he does. He gives selflessly to others and will be dedicated to his position. He has grown up in the city and has his ward’s best interest at heart. He is invested in seeing the city grow to potential and develop in new and exciting ways.

If you want to make the right choice, vote for Paul “Crusher” O’Connell for City Council Ward 4.




Peru Republicans

TO THE EDITOR: I am running for Peru Town Council.

If you live in Peru, you probably already knew that. If you want to know more about my qualifications, please visit

I also chair the Peru Republican Committee, and it is in that capacity I submit this letter.

I wish to share my sincere gratitude to the great locally owned businesses whose donations to our auction made the Peru Republican Spaghetti Dinner/Meet & Greet a great success: Swain’s Wine & Liquor, Gioiosa’s Wine & Spirits Inc., Welbian Farm, Mountain View Equipment LLC, Big Apple Audio, Adirondack Coffee Roasters, All About Heating & Air Conditioning and Don Yo! DJ Service & Website Design.

Please support locally owned businesses, they are the backbone of our community.

I also wish to thank the Peru Republican Committee for their continued tireless work in helping our candidates with their Nov. 5 election campaigns. We have a great team, and I am very grateful for all your efforts and dedication.

I also want to mention our awesome lineup of candidates: Peter Glushko, town supervisor; Kathy Flynn, town clerk/tax collector; Donald McBrayer, town councilor; Mike Farrell, highway superintendent; John Lawliss, town justice; and Susan Polhemus, county treasurer.

Rarely will you find a more qualified group of dedicated individuals. They need your support.

Finally, please vote on Nov. 5. Our democracy only works if you are involved.



Peru Republican Committee


Rosenquest plans

TO THE EDITOR: For a long time, we’ve waited for something great to happen to Plattsburgh.

What we have is infighting, city workers disenfranchised, our general fund dwindling and a yet-to-be-developed waterfront.

Chris Rosenquest’s plan addresses these issues head on. It’s clear, outlines actions, involves the community, builds local and regional partnerships and focuses on the future.

We need to move Plattsburgh forward, and Chris Rosenquest has the plan, experience, education and backing to do it.

Rosenquest for mayor.