October 7, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Oct. 7, 2013


---- — Downtown development

TO THE EDITOR: In regards to the article printed Sept. 26, “Rosenquest: City Blocks Downtown Activity,” I find it rather interesting that the current administration feels they have been such overwhelming supporters of events like First Weekends.

What a crock that is. I was there the night that we asked for everyone to show up to ensure that the streets would be closed for this great event, and even with such obvious public support, the council and mayor were still less than enthusiastic.

Many times, I have heard of people feeling very frustrated when dealing with City Hall for events like this. They try to point to things like Mayor’s Cup as proof of their support. Well, here is a reality: Mayor’s Cup is dying a slow death; it is now a shadow of what it was.

They wish to blame the economy? How about admitting they do not know how to bring it back to life. Also, mention was made of an existing Community and Economic Development Office for Plattsburgh. If one went to City Hall and went to the door of this alleged office, they would find a note taped to that door with a phone number to call. I have tried this number on numerous occasions and have never once gotten a live person. No one is ever in this office. Who is the director? Where is the staff? It does not exist.

The current administration is delusional if they feel they are growing this city. Voting in current council members for mayor will only perpetuate this stagnation.

It is time the people of Plattsburgh had a mayor and council who work for them, not one that gets annoyed by its constituents.

Let’s make Plattsburgh great again. Rosenquist for mayor.




Flynn dedicated

TO THE EDITOR: Often times, it is human nature to first take time to complain and then fail to take the same time to commend. I wanted to bring some good works to your attention.

I myself, who is active in my community, have noticed the efforts of Kathy Flynn, Peru town clerk. I often keep long hours doing various tasks for local organizations that need help. I run into Kathy along the way all the time.

She is very visible in her community. Mrs. Flynn is always smiling and able to answer questions with regards to her clerk responsibilities. In addition to that, she is an excellent resource when it comes to the Peru Youth Commission.

Mrs. Flynn consistently greets her community with dedication and a sense of deep commitment.

It is not only that I support the Peru Republican Party. I also believe a strong community is key in the strengthening of our country’s future.

I challenge other candidates, from all parties, to possess the same dignity and long-standing relationships that Mrs. Flynn carries in her everyday life.




Outstanding candidates

TO THE EDITOR: This year, Peru has some outstanding candidates running for office: Peter Glusco, town supervisor; Mike Farrell, highway superintendent; John Lawliss, town justice; Don McBrayer, Town Council; and Kathy Flynn, town clerk and tax collector.

These are all people who have proven leadership in the Town of Peru. I encourage Peru residents to vote for all of these candidates. Mike Farrell and Jack Lawliss are unopposed.

I would especially encourage your support for Kathy Flynn and Don McBrayer.

Kathy Flynn has done an outstanding job as town clerk/tax collector for the past 11 years. She is not only very competent but is always kind and gracious in her interactions with everyone. She goes out of her way to be helpful to all.

Don McBrayer is very active in the Town of Peru. He serves on the Zoning Board and is webmaster for the Town. He is also very involved in St. Augustine’s annual Applefest and other local organizations.

I would be remiss in not mentioning another outstanding Peru resident, Susan Polhemus, who is running for Clinton County treasurer. There is no one who has more experience or proven ability for this position than Sue Polhemus. Sue has 30 years experience in banking and accounting, including municipal accounting. She knows how towns and villages operate and is intimately familiar with their financial aspects.

Sue Polhemus will do an excellent job as Clinton County treasurer.




Budget increase

TO THE EDITOR: I am candidate for the Town Council of the Town of Plattsburgh.

During a recent work session, the councilors discussed their desire to exceed the state cap on raising taxes. Specifically, they talked favorable, and expressed intent to act quickly, on voting to exceed the state cap limit of 1.66 percent increase in the town highway tax.

The supervisor expressed his goal for the Highway Department to be self-sufficient, potentially raising the tax high enough to support the department’s entire budget. That action would result in raising the highway tax by up to 300 percent. More than tripling it.

Shockingly, they are heading in this direction without benefit of knowing what the proposed 2014 budget will be; they haven’t received it yet.

The Town of Plattsburgh has historically been blessed with enough sales-tax revenue to support its entire town budget, including 100 percent of the highway budget.

In 2010, the council instituted the highway tax of $400,000, which has grown to $768,000 in 2013 and appears destined to be as much as $2 million when residents receive their 2014 tax bill next January. That is simply outrageous, and it is a tax we will likely be burdened with for every year to come.

It is actions like this that compelled me to run for the council. As a land developer and home builder, I believe I possess the business and budgeting skills necessary to create town budgets that will help the town grow without undue burden on the taxpayers.

The council is expected to vote soon to exceed the cap, perhaps as early as Oct. 7. They are also planning budget work sessions in the weeks following. I encourage all concerned citizens to attend these meetings.




Vision, leadership

TO THE EDITOR: We find ourselves in an era where government is in need of real leadership.

We need people serving who are dedicated to the needs of the people. Serving with integrity, honesty and dedication to the common good, not self-serving individuals wanting to enhance their public image for the next big payday or the next political office.

We need leadership with vision and foresight to the need to create jobs, keep spending at manageable levels and develop a sound growth structure for the whole community, not special interests.

I believe this person is running for office as Clinton County Legislator in the City of Plattsburgh.

Vote for Rick Perry, a man you can trust.