October 2, 2013

Speakout: Oct. 2, 2013


It is disgusting that people feel the need to steal from others. If you are that desperate for money, then you should get more jobs to support yourself and family. Don’t stoop so low to take others’ hard-earned money.


The real story of 9/11 has yet to be written. Consider the monolithic importance of 9/11 in national/global history. The Patriot Act, two tragic wars, Homeland Security, the War on Terror, the imperial presidency, TSA, erosion of our civil rights — all flow from official narrative on the 9/11 crime.


Businesses are clearly hiring, but when it comes to selecting the “right” candidate, don’t expect a followup phone call, experience or college degrees to get the job. How many individuals must one “know” to be considered?


To the local store that refused to help sponsor or even donate a single item toward an upcoming school event. Maybe all the students that patronize your store on a daily basis should take their business elsewhere. 


For those who are too ignorant to do the research and to poke fun at a city marina, take a look around you. Two thriving cities within a hour drive from Plattsburgh have city-owned marinas: Burlington and Lake Placid.


To all of the people that feel a need to write to Speakout, shut up and stop crying about things that no cares about except you. Here is a suggestion: Confront the people you have a problem with instead of complaining anonymously.

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