October 2, 2013

Editorial: State serious about texting law


Fines for a first offense ranges from $50 to $150, depending, apparently, on the attitude of the judge or other circumstances.

Fines for a second offense are $50 to $200; for a third, $50 to $400.

The surcharge that goes along with the fine and suspension or revocation is now $93, up from $85.

So, you see, the State Legislature and governor are more than passingly concerned about the peril drivers create when their attention is diverted from navigating.

They have enacted these laws, with heightened penalties, and are placing the very public reminders in key spots to head off violations.

Use your head: If the matter is so important that it must be communicated at once, pull over and tend to it, rather than trying to do it while driving.

It could save your life. It could surely save your license and money.

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