September 13, 2013

Speakout: Sept. 13, 2013


That huge empty truck you drive makes up for your specialized insecurities, and tailgating lets those going legal speeds know how important you think you are. When you get pulled over, tell the officer how important you are before you sign the ticket.


Race track, why can’t smoking be in certain bleachers? Many people have breathing problems. Why do young kids and babies have to be in the path of these people?


Once again, the speed limit when you went to work is the same as when you leave. Slow down on Wall Street, and show respect for the residences.


It is a shame to see local cannons on display turning to rust due to lack of maintenance. A little sandpaper and paint would make these pieces like new.


The River Walk is a lovely place and a wonderful dedication to people and businesses of the North Country. Recently visited, and it was not well kept, lots of weeds growing up through the bricks.


Minimum wage is your employer’s way of saying, “I would pay you less if I could.”


It was great to see the picture of a happy family hiking with their beloved dog at the Point au Roche State Park. It would have been even better if the dog had been leashed.

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