September 7, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Sept. 7, 2013

Versatile leader

TO THE EDITOR: Mark Tiffer brings a refreshed outlook to this community and is very enthusiastic about making Plattsburgh its own thriving, well-rounded area.

The effort and ambition that Mark has presented to us as councilman has given him that advantage that he needs to succeed as mayor.

I have known Mark for several years now, and his passion for Plattsburgh has enforced his overall creativity and desire to make Plattsburgh a better place to live. I personally know that Mark has a very impressive library of knowledge in many areas, including finance, accounting, government regulations and much more.

As a very versatile individual, Mark has the ability to prevail as an excellent leader, but at the same time, he can bring any team together to accomplish a simple or difficult task.

Bringing Plattsburgh together as one, in contrast to a town and a city, is one of Mark’s agenda items. Sharing resources among the two will not only help to bring the community closer but will relieve the heavy burden on the wallets of our local taxpayers.

Mark’s commitment to this area and his passion for our community has already been proven through his extensiveness as a councilman. He will bring a pleasant attitude that is willing to work with not only the residents of this city but any tourist or visitor who has the opportunity to make their presence.

Mark has so much to offer. I believe his innovative and advanced talents will put this community in an about-face position, for the better.

Mark Tiffer is seeking the Independence Party endorsement. I am thrilled about his candidacy and hope you will join me in supporting Mark Tiffer for mayor on Sept. 10.




Independent thinking

TO THE EDITOR: It’s time for the truly independent-thinking voter to take back our party.

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