August 24, 2013

Speakout: Aug. 24, 2013


The posted speed limits and safe following distances mean nothing to some of the tractor-trailer drivers crossing the Korean Memorial Bridge, through Rouses Point, Coopersville, Chazy to Exit 41. This is a grievous safety issue and must be rectified before the school buses are in the line of fire.


As a retired senior in my school district, I have noticed a large group of custodians take a lot of smoke breaks throughout the day every day. Don’t they have enough work to do? A real waste of my tax money.


Why do doctors think it is OK to keep patients waiting for over 45 minutes past their appointment time? People are taking time off from work to see the doctor and not getting paid for missed time at work. Doctors should realize our time is valuable too.


Why is there no security guard at Clinton County DSS? The lives and safety of clients and employees are worth having one on duty. I have heard plenty of arguments and threats in that lobby. Anyone can walk in there with anything. Not safe.


Do you know why politicians have no problem releasing hundreds of inmates back to society? Because they know that they are not returning to rich people’s neighborhoods.


I have an 18-year-old. Parties and drugs worry me. There is a place that I feel is unsafe for my teen to go to. You are all young and are going to get caught. You influence my child, whom I brought up to be respectable and kind.

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