June 3, 2013

Cheers and Jeers: June 3, 2013


---- — CHEERS to 16-year-old Andrew Larow of Peru, whose quick action saved the life of a local man. Last week, Larow was helping Bill Rowe of Valcour put one of Rowe’s boats in the water. Afterward, Bill and Andrew stopped their work to have lunch. Bill had a new — and large — vitamin pill that he was supposed to start taking, so he did so then. Unfortunately, the vitamin lodged in his throat. The problem was severe enough that his breathing was blocked. Bill’s wife, Bunny, quickly moved to try the Heimlich maneuver, but she could not create enough force to expel the pill. “Andrew was nearby, and my wife told him to use more force,” Bill said. “He did and was successful in dislodging the vitamin pill. I thank Andrew for saving my life. There are not many kids who could do what he did.” Bunny said the whole incident was “emotionally frightening,” so she was relieved to see the pill “pop out, just like on TV. It was just magical.” Andrew is the son of Dr. Joanne Larow, a Plattsburgh dermatologist, and Dr. Edward Larow, a radiologist at CVPH Medical Center, so maybe he has a natural instinct for medical issues. Whatever the case, he deserves credit for acting swiftly and confidently. He’s already a hero at age 16.

Last week, we cheered Willsboro Town Supervisor Ed Hatch for using his own money to produce and mail a newsletter to keep residents informed about what is happening in their community. Afterward, we learned that Elizabethtown Town Supervisor Margaret Bartley has established a Town Benefit Fund with part of the salary she is paid for the job. She produces a monthly publication through that fund that informs town residents about upcoming events, meeting information and office and landfill hours and includes a town history quiz, among other items. We are sure there must be more government officials around the North Country who also use their own money to make residents aware of what is happening in their towns and villages. So, we now extend our Cheer to Margaret Bartley and any other government leaders out there who invest in keeping the public informed. Elected officials don’t make much money around here as it is, so it is rewarding to see that some of them think they can spare some of their income for a noble purpose like distributing helpful information.

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