June 3, 2013

Letters to the Editor: June 3, 2013

Women’s equality

TO THE EDITOR: The Women’s Equality Agenda proposed by Gov. Cuomo will significantly help women in New York State.

Our State Assembly members and senators will address the agenda before June 20, the scheduled end of session. The Women’s Equality Agenda encompasses vital provisions.

Equal pay for equal work to address the imbalance in salaries between men and women who do the same job. Women earn 84 percent of the amount earned by men. Hispanic and African American women have a greater inequality. Ultimately, twice as many women as men spend their senior years in poverty.

End of family discrimination to prevent women from being denied work, promotions or raises because they have children. Eighty-eight percent of public-assistance cases for families are filed by women, and 71 percent of public housing units are occupied by female-headed households.

Protection of victims of domestic violence by allowing them to testify by video conference, instead of being in the courtroom with their abuser. One in four women will experience intimate-partner violence in her lifetime.

Stoppage of sexual harassment in all workplaces by removing the current exemption for those places with four or fewer employees. Women are five times more likely than men to be sexually harassed in the workplace.

Safeguarding a woman’s right to make private reproductive health-care decisions. The agenda will uphold the provisions of Roe vs. Wade, not expand provisions, as is erroneously sometimes being said.

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Wild horses

TO THE EDITOR: Rep. Bill Owens, I hope you do better on the wild-horse issue than the GOP-Keystone-approval-slime bill you just voted for, to my dismay and disgust.

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