May 30, 2013

Speakout: May 30, 2013


To the person who says seniors are bankrupting our youth, might I remind you that you will be a senior someday. Maybe you should start saving for your retirement now instead of blaming us.


Some of the gun-control advocates in Congress are proposing to put gun-control measures on the ballot. I would propose they put term-limit measures for themselves on the ballot.


I have no money to give my grandkids. They have to just love me the way I am. Loving grandpa because he bought you is a shame.


Our nation’s best students are choosing to refuse in efforts to save education. 25-30 percent of our children’s school time is spent on testing. Kids are being used as test rats, and their personal information is being sold to private corporations for profit.


If I won a trip around the world to France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, etc., I would have to learn many languages and it would take years, if I go with your “learn the language before you go to a country” philosophy.


Kudos to Mooers on getting your new library. Been a long time coming.


My son lost his wallet at Harrigan’s and didn’t realize it until he was home. He went back, and someone had turned it in. Thank you so much. There is still good in this world.


Do you know how much money and time it takes to learn a language well enough to be bilingual? Yet you want a person who coming down to visit or a day once every few months to be bilingual.


Neighbor needs to mind their own business, check their own properties and get a life.

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