June 5, 2013

Letters to the Editor: June 6, 2013

Coverage complaint

TO THE EDITOR: My usual diatribes deal with the inadequacies of the county administration handling of the airport. Today, it’s different.

I am sick and tired of actually not getting any local media coverage by the only for-profit TV station in northeastern New York. Someone twists an ankle in Vermont or New Hampshire, this “local” station is all over it. Here, a two-car accident with multiple injuries and four people transported to the hospital (hypothetical accident, for this comment,) and nothing would be mentioned.

Do they even have a scanner on this side of the lake, to monitor emergency broadcasts? I know they do in Vermont, as one can be heard in the background at Colchester, Vt.

Do they actually have other than one real journalist/reporter on this side of the lake? I am not talking about the anchors, either.

If one wants to know the actual weather over here, don’t bother checking with this station, turn to the Weather Channel. Our “local” station didn’t even seem to think Plattsburgh breaking two consecutive days of record temps was noteworthy, yet one record breaker and a tied record is a “big deal” over there.

Is there some big “secret society” working over here so as to not scare people away from this little backwater community? Or is it our local politicos want to stay big frogs in a little pond, by not interesting the bigger frogs in the real potential for growth over here?

From all appearances, they and the “local” TV station, seem to want to stay bedroom communities for the bigger cities of Burlington and Montreal.




City candidates

TO THE EDITOR: The Republican ticket for November’s election was announced recently.

After, going over it, I am positive that after the elections the City of Plattsburgh will have a Democratic mayor and a majority of the seats on the City Council.

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