March 13, 2013

Speakout: March 13, 2013


The businesses along Cornelia Street should be required to clear their sidewalks of snow and ice. They are currently unusable. As a car-less resident who likes to walk, I have been forced to step into and walk along that busy street.


We should do something about the feral cats in Plattsburgh. I live next to a woman that feeds them, and I have to say it is very unsanitary and gross. There is feces and urine everywhere.


There is no such thing as gun control. Ask the Russians, Jews in Germany, Cambodians and many African nations over the past 75 years. Let’s not let history repeat itself.


Why do people think it’s OK to park in the fire lane and go do their shopping? The store doesn’t even care; they said the lot wasn’t their business. I bet it will be if there’s a fire and people get hurt.


Another winter where after every storm only a minority of homeowners shovel by the required 24 hours. Lawmakers wasted time making laws that aren’t enforced.


An elderly man told me my tattoos were not what his generation found acceptable. He told me this as I was holding the door open for him at the bank. He didn’t say thank you, either.


There is an elephant in the room that is sucking the life out of our children and public education: standardized testing. Ask questions at your child’s school. You will be amazed at how many tests your child is taking.


I used to be a critic of the Fire Department because we were told they were the cause of high city taxes. If the Police Department budget has grown 45 percent, why weren’t taxpayers told that? 

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