February 20, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Feb. 20, 2013

CEO salaries

TO THE EDITOR: Great reporting on the salaries of local CEOs of our hospitals.

If one believes that they need more then $100,000 plus benefits, plus bonuses to live well in the North Country, then it is probably because they have locked themselves into a house, property, lifestyle that can only be sustained with this amount of money. It’s hard to leave this style once in it.

Rationalizations, justifications, comparisons relieve one of the burden of conscience. It is however, corruption. It is a lifestyle enjoyed at the expense of the poor. Since the corruption is so far reaching, it seems impossible to stop. Thus the quality of medical care will continue to go down as the salaries and perks of those at the top go up.

We see this in our schools, too, and in every human institution and large company. At its root is greed and lust for power and status. I would probably be the same if I were a CEO. I thank God I am not.

I appeal to our poets, playwrights, novelists and songwriters to show us this corruption in detail and point a way out.




Threads of Faith

TO THE EDITOR: My husband, Ron, and I run Threads of Faith.

Our mission statement is to provide free clothing and household essentials to anyone in need.

We would like to thank Pastor John Gillette Jr. of the Mooers Wesleyan Church for letting us set up a table at the Food Shelf on Tuesdays.

Due to Ron’s medical conditions, we can no longer set up there. It is too hard for him to carry the totes back and forth. We are looking for a permanent room that we could use to distribute the donations in the Mooers or Mooers Forks area. Anyone wishing to donate a room, it would truly be appreciated.

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