February 19, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Feb. 19, 2013

Watch for America

TO THE EDITOR: I have suggested that we, the generation of many futures, be alert, be aware and be direct with any who talk down America.

We do have the greatest daughters and sons who serve us all in our Armed Forces and as state troopers, police, sheriff’s department and on our borders.

They all would say the same thing: Stick to our laws but protect America, for the more you pay attention to the news, to the rules, to your rights, the more they can help many others.

Examples: If John Bonyear of the House had gotten all Republicans to support him more, the fiscal cliff would not have been passed.

We are dumbfounded about Sandy Hook slaughter of wonderful teachers and children, but let’s be honest, we are worried about our own schools right here. There is no way we would have known about the mother or kid who did this to those people. If we pay more attention, maybe someone can see the cracks. 

Condemning the NRA is not the answer. The Second Amendment is only two paragraphs. The last word “infringe” says it all. You don’t have to own or buy any firearm but you do need the word infringe, which means your right to have that right cannot be changed. Period.

It’s like this stupid tax deal we are being set up for a year or two and then your taxes will go nuts again.

Start watching everybody’s kids. Watch our waterways, airports, drinking water, food shelters, new faces, new names. That means every one of us who put the American flag up and who try to protect the Second Amendment and the rest of our amendments. 

Start with your own neighborhood. Maybe we can live like humans again. 

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