February 15, 2013

Speakout: Feb. 15, 2013


---- — Mandatory

More people die of the flu every year than from gun shots. Yet our leaders want to ban guns, but they won’t make flu shots mandatory. They want to take away our Second Amendment rights.


Dress however you want at home. But when in public have some pride in yourself. No excuse for dirty PJ bottoms.


There is no reason for somebody in a wheelchair to be unable to access all the mall entrances, like those without needed assistance.



To the person complaining that cars weren’t paying attention when you got hit crossing the road in front of the Post Office. Did you ever consider that you should have yielded the right of way to oncoming traffic? You were hundreds of feet from a crosswalk.


The historical reality of the Second Amendment’s protection of the right to keep and bear arms is not that it protects the right to hunt. It protects the right to shoot tyrants, and it protects the right to shoot them effectively, with the same weapons they would use against us.


Are the graphic anti-smoking ads that conveniently air during my breakfast and dinner really helping anyone? As a non-smoker, these revolting ads only serve to anger me that I am forced to change the channel or lose my appetite.


Why do people keep horses outside with little or no shelter. Today, it’s minus 15 degrees, and the horses are wet from snow frozen on their coats.


The right of the people to keep and bear arms is an extension of the natural right to self-defense and a hallmark of personal sovereignty. The Supreme Court ruled that the right to keep and bear arms is a pre-political individual right that the government cannot take from us.


I have been getting notifications concerning increases in my next billing cycle for sanitation, cable and phone service, just enough to offset my cost-of-living increase in SSI. Perhaps if they would decrease their efforts in name recognition, limit sponsorships, they can tell subscribers they’re lowering our costs.


With the State Police, Sheriff’s Department and University Police in this area, why do we need such a large City Police Department? The Sheriff’s Department could easily handle the city at a much lesser cost.


With this cold weather upon us, are there shelters in the Plattsburgh area for the homeless?


We have a supervisor who threatens swears and screams at employees. The owners claim the job gets done that way. So did the overseers at plantations.


Postage stamps went up one penny. When will the U.S. Postal Service start raising the stamps 5 cents each time every 7 years? Never mind the penny here and penny there.