February 14, 2013

Speakout: Feb. 14, 2013


---- — Gangs

Gun prohibition is the perfect way to create violent gun gangs who terrorize America.


I hope the New Year can bring peace in families. To love each other and not forsake anyone person. To take time to know each other, not just special ones. Everyone matters in a family.


It is a shame when a school is ready to start a varsity sports event and not only don’t they have an American flag posted anywhere, but they have no music or singer. Facing a blank wall does not count.


Please don’t ban the sale and possession of assault rifles. I now want to go out and buy my first ever rifle to protect my family and myself if someone shows up at my house to blow us away.


It’s not the video games, violent movies or music. It’s a lack of love and human interaction that makes people want to shoot others. Let’s look at the individuals and find out exactly what’s lacking.


Why do you think that a ban in assault rifles will lower gun violence? The 1994 ban increased violence; go online and look at facts. What makes you think it will be any different?


Basketball officials, I know your job is tough, but please treat the mod teams the same as the older kids. They need to learn about traveling, reaching and moving picks. Games are out of control.


I love Speakout. I wish it was published daily. What an original and amazing idea. Thanks, PR.


Stricter gun laws are only part of the solution. We need to start taking mental-health care seriously. We are lacking services (inpatient and outpatient). Government and insurance companies need to pony up cash to be sure there is help available.


I feel discriminated when I visit the salon and a woman working there complains about the Canadians shopping in the stores. I am Canadian. I live, work and buy in the States.


About the game song, it is more crazy that people like you find fault by every little thing. It’s a theme song, stop be oversensitive and enjoy the game.


The best thing that happened to our village is the new community center; however, it seems smoking is going on at the main entrance. The odor lingers, and the smoking is not a good example for children going to use the library and gym.


Thank you to the kind people, City Police and ambulance crew who came to my aid when I was injured and bleeding. We are so fortunate to live in Plattsburgh, where there are so many kind and considerate people.


It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that a criminal isn’t going to use a seven-round clip. This just hurts the law-abiding citizens and only them.


Most schools have locked doors, and some have security guards. Law-abiding, mentally healthy individuals don’t need guards, bullet-proof glass and locks. Sadly, some mentally ill people and bullies don’t care what’s in their way.


Cuomo’s gun law has caused hundreds of people to sue the state. What’s next?


Before you news stations tell pedestrians to not walk in the streets after a snowstorm until the sidewalks are cleared, maybe you need to remind the city that they need to do their sidewalks. Homeowners have to or they get hit with a fine.