February 14, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Feb. 14, 2013


---- — Witnessed accident

TO THE EDITOR: If you are the owner of a blue Subaru car with the license plate number PL875, you should call me.

Your vehicle would have been parked at the Plattsburgh Price Chopper on Feb. 1 at approximately 5 p.m.

Look carefully at your back bumper. If you are seeing damage or scratches, etc., I know how your car received it. I did not cause it, but I do have information that would help you.

My phone number is 647-5264.


AuSable Forks


Clearcutting permit

TO THE EDITOR: The Adirondack Park Agency will be voting on a general permit for clearcutting soon. This is a step in the right direction.

Environmental organizations have stated the Forest Preserve will be clearcut; not true. By Article 14 of the State Constitution, trees cannot be cut on State Forest Preserve; roughly half of the park is state land.

The general permit will only affect private property. Landowners who are enrolled in a third-party certification process will be the only landowners who can apply for this permit.

To be certified by one of these organizations, the landowner must have a harvesting plan. This plan must match what the certifying agency requires for a healthy forest. This does not relate to just the trees, plants and animals taken into consideration. The harvesting plans create habitat for different species.

The Silva Culture science behind a clearcut is sound. I was recently in a meeting with several Adirondack environmental groups; they did not dispute the need for clearcutting in some forest conditions.

The problem with the current permit process is that it is lengthy; the one permit the APA issued took 14 months. One must understand clearcutting is not a decision made lightly. However forestry is like gardening; instead of planning for a summer when gardening, foresters plan for 30 years or more.

The APA is not abandoning their responsibilities, as some groups have claimed. They are trying to streamline their processes. The APA employees who are tasked to approve a general permit are the very same APA employees who will recommend approval of a Class A permit to the APA Board. The real difference will be in the amount of time it takes for approval.


Chairman, Adirondack Park Local Government Review Board


Bicycles recycled

TO THE EDITOR: We want to thank all the people who called to have bicycles picked up in 2012.

We picked up bicycles in Upper Jay, Jay, Wilmington, AuSable Forks, Clintonville, Keeseville, Peru and Plattsburgh. We even had two people from Port Henry drop off bicycles at a convenient location.

We delivered 134 bikes of all sizes to the Chazy drop-off site where they were repaired and painted. They are delivered at Christmastime to needy children by the Clinton County Christmas Bureau. Thank you.



AuSable Forks