February 7, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Feb. 7, 2013


Fact: Marlboro, the most heavily advertised brand, constitutes almost 60 percent of the youth market but only 25 percent of the adult market (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). Why are we not doing more to prevent this?

Think about it, the next time you go to a local store or gas station. Look at where the ads are: youth height level. Why do we allow this? Or, how about how closely the packages resemble kids candy packages? The tobacco industry has designed them to be appealing and colorful for kids.

“Today’s teenager is tomorrow’s potential regular customer (Phillip Morris).”

In the paper on Jan. 29, they said the local sell rate to minors is 8 percent, and they want to lower it. If they really want to lower it, then why are we allowing companies like Marlboro to do this?

Fact: Teens are more likely to be influenced by cigarette advertising than they are by peer pressure (Journal of the National Cancer Institute).

Tobacco is the only product that, if used as intended, will kill.



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