January 5, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Jan. 5, 2013


---- — Special training

TO THE EDITOR: On Nov, 20, 2012, I was one of 10 retired law-enforcement members who participated in the inaugural HR-218 training at the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department.

Sheriff Kevin Mulverhill secured approval from the Franklin County legislators to be one of only two or three counties in the state of New York that provide this necessary training.

The HR-218 is the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act. Sheriff Mulverhill has established a range-qualification program for retired/separated officers in compliance with this Federal Law.

This training was conducted in an exacting and professional manner. Safety was the No. 1 factor during the shooting phase of this program. We all received classroom training prior to the actual range instruction.

The entire program was carefully thought out and executed with every detail addressed.

This training program offers a necessary service to a large population of retired law-enforcement personnel throughout the northern and western portion of the state. This will result in a stream of revenue for the county that was otherwise untapped.

Sheriff Kevin Mulverhill, UnderSheriff Pat White and Sgt. Scott Hudson (range instructor) are to be complimented and commended for a training program well done.



Association of Former New York State Troopers Adirondack Chapter


Firefighters defended

TO THE EDITOR: I would like to respond to the recent comments made by the mayor regarding the City of Plattsburgh Fire Department.

Stating the department “is no longer feasible for the taxpayers” is a great catch phrase in tough economic times; however, the amount of our taxes paid for our fire department is less in comparison as those of other municipalities our size.

To consider only the financial aspect of this invaluable service is ignorant. Time is precious in a favorable outcome, and no amount of cost savings can ever replace a human life. This city cannot afford to live without a paid fire department.

To address these men as “being the most selfish group,” I can only say that statement could not be further from the truth. These men hold their job in the highest regard. They put the lives of others ahead of themselves and, at times, witness unspeakable events. As others may see this as a burden, these men do not. They are selfless. The community is their heart and soul. They hold their professionalism to the highest regard.

To watch the lack of respect they receive from the media is heartbreaking. Unlike the mayor, who hides behind a local radio station as his mouthpiece, I am more than confident to sign my name to my statements.