December 24, 2012

Letters to the Editor: Dec. 24, 2012

Airport noise

TO THE EDITOR: Regarding “Jets at airport” in the Dec. 11 Press-Republican, I must disagree with the author. All joint civilian/military airports do have to consider the “noise” factor when taking off, performing various maneuvers, landing, etc., with one serious exception: “in case of national emergency.”

The key word here is “joint,” as in used by both, not just military.

A big percentage of financial opportunity in a lot of large cities is because of airports. While agreeing with the “noise” being irritating, sometimes downright bothersome, it is something that can be overcome, especially when one considers the frequency of those flights.

One major consideration in having an Air Guard or Air Force Reserve operation here is the idea of having a manned control tower. The benefits to having one of those are major. That will allow major airlines to bring “scheduled airlines” here, as opposed to just occasional vacation charter airlines we now have, with many more destinations, as well as allowing the communities in this area to grow with other opportunities.

Not to mention the additional salaries being brought in by associated support personnel, both civilian and military. To top it off, the cost to this area will be less than just having the Federal Aviation Administration help us with funding for that tower.

I, personally, want my grandchildren to have every opportunity available to children in those cities without having to worry about the majority of problems in those cities.

If we want quiet, we can move five or 10 miles north, west or south and still be close enough to the city center to enjoy any of the services available, with little inconvenience.




Remember veterans

TO THE EDITOR: At the start of the American Revolution in 1776, candles would be lighted in the windows of all the homes of the loved ones fighting in the war.

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