June 4, 2012

Cheers and Jeers: June 4, 2012

JEERS to grocery stores that sell drinks, charge the standard deposit on each bottle but then don’t have their redemption machines

programmed to accept the empties If you sell it, redeem it.


HEERS to Pyramid Management Group

, owner of Champlain Centre in Plattsburgh, for banning all tobacco use at its properties. Pyramid owns 15 shopping malls throughout New York and Massachusetts and decided to on a property-wide ban for the health of employees and customers. The company chose May 31, which is dubbed World No Tobacco Day, to implement the new policy. Based on New York state law, you already couldn’t smoke cigarettes in Champlain Centre. But there were still heard plenty of complaints about people smoking outside the mall doors. It seemed, at times, that you had to walk through a cloud of smoke on your way to a movie, for example. Sometimes it was employees slipping outside for a smoke; sometimes customers getting in a couple of last drags before heading inside to shop. Any way you looked at it, it was not pleasant for people passing by. Now, Pyramid forbids cigarettes, cigars, pipes and chewing tobacco anywhere on its property. To ease the impact in Plattsburgh, the company offered stop-smoking classes in conjunction with the North Country Tobacco Cessation Center for anyone interested. The ban is a breath of fresh air to lungs everywhere.

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