September 22, 2012

Speakout: Sept. 22, 2012


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Beekmantown Board minutes report that the Middle School assistant principal has resigned and that the director of physical education is a half-time position. Beekmantown needs to follow the lead of Saranac, Plattsburgh and other schools by combining two positions into one position, saving the school money.


The statute of limitations on bank fraud is about to run out for the crimes committed by the Wall Street bankers who crashed the economy four years ago. This is apparently what both “our” state and national governments are waiting for, so they don’t have to confront their wealthy, evil contributors with indictments.


The reason most jobs are going overseas is because of a liberal Democrat policy of affirmative action. America’s best, brightest and most qualified are being passed over for mediocre people because of diversity. Whatever happened to the best person for the job and not their nationality? 


When you have a doctor’s appointment and the doctor is running behind, don’t glare at the receptionist. She has nothing to do with getting you back there.



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