May 20, 2013

Cheers and Jeers: May 20, 2013

JEERS once again to those smokers who believe that, even though it’s bad citizenship to throw most garbage out the window onto streets and curbsides, it’s OK to get rid of cigarette butts that way. And hearty CHEERS to Jessica Buehler, who most emphatically sees things our way on this issue. She often goes for walks through Elizabethtown and was tired of seeing the literally thousands of cigarette butts on the lawns and in the gutters on Park Street, where the Essex County Government Center, Horace Nye Nursing Home and Elizabethtown Community Hospital are situated. Although receptacles have been provided, many smokers apparently find it more convenient just to roll down the window and heave-ho. To Buehler’s everlasting credit, she turned herself into a one-woman cleanup crew in hopes the example would have a positive effect on repentant smokers. (It hasn’t.) In fact, while she toiled, two smokers sat in vehicles nearby puffing away, eventually extending her day. What we all need, obviously, is far more Jessica Buehlers and far fewer smokers.


CHEERS to U.S. Border Patrol personnel from the Swanton Sector, which includes those in the North Country of New York, for tending in recent weeks to events throughout the area that did more than keep our precious border secure. During the last few weeks, agents have volunteered to mentor young adults and help raise money for Special Olympics. The Champlain Border Patrol Station was invited to participate in a Criminal Justice Symposium at SUNY at Plattsburgh, along with members of the New York State Police, Plattsburgh City Police Department and the Clinton County Probation Office. On April 24, Champlain Station Patrol Agent in Charge Norm Lague sat on a panel that hosted about 30 juniors and seniors from SUNY Plattsburgh, during which the students asked questions on different aspects of a career in law enforcement. On May 3, Border Patrol agents from the Ogdensburg and Massena stations helped raise money for the Special Olympics by participating in the annual Law Enforcement Torch Run. Several Massena and Ogdensburg agents joined more than 50 law-enforcement officers from multiple agencies in the 36-mile run. From time to time, we routinely see the efforts of state and local police and Sheriff’s Departments enhancing our communities one way or another beyond their regular police duties. We just wanted to offer a reminder that the Border Patrol is every bit as effective, on duty and off.

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