May 19, 2013

Letters to the Editor: May 19, 2013


I believe he would be an asset to the Beekmantown School Board. Ken is always ready to listen to all sides of an issue. He does not make hasty, ill-thought-out conclusions to any problem. That is what the voters deserve in their representative.







TO THE EDITOR: On Tuesday, May 21, all city residents who are registered to vote, have the choice of choosing two candidates for the Plattsburgh City School Board.

 The two candidates who will help keep our schools solvent in the future are Walter Chmura and Ron Marino.

Both Walter and Ron attend School Board meetings and have voiced their concerns on many issues. A vote for Walter and Ron is a vote for our kids and our community.

I urge all city residents, regardless if you rent or own, to please cast your vote on May 21 because every vote counts.





for change


TO THE EDITOR: One year ago, I challenged the taxpayers to vote for school-board change or suffer another year of the fox guarding the coop.

We didn’t get any change, and our debt is foolishly squandered in the form of elitist spending on employee lifestyle. Schools have dug themselves unsustainable holes, foolishly abusing huge taxpayer dividends.

Robbing taxpayers so family and friends can prosper, overpaid administrators, program and bureaucratic bloat and inflated benefits are a killer equation to craft long-term rebalancing.

Voter apathy has created a dynamic where the teachers union is the majority vote and decided who gets elected and those elected are responsive only to the union.

Ethics regulations have been abandoned. Outrageous salaries and benefits alone have priced employees out of their market value. Under no circumstances should the public be required to subsidize inflated value because of union lobby.

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