May 17, 2013

Letters to the Editor: May 17, 2013



TO THE EDITOR: Andrew Brockway and I attended Beekmantown Central School at around the same time.

I know Andrew to be a compassionate, thoughtful and intelligent individual. I support Brockway for the BCS School Board because he understands how important sports are to children and won’t favor eliminating the program because it is only a small fraction of the general budget.

He also understands how the quality of education goes down when classes are too large and favors keeping them at the same level or smaller than they are currently.

Brockway also understands that a large number of residents are on fixed incomes and wants to stabilize property taxes.

I support Andrew Brockway for School Board, and I hope you will, too, on May 21.





TO THE EDITOR: At an early age, our parents taught us the value of labor and savings.

My brothers and I had many “start-up” enterprises: night-crawler sales, mowing,  raking, etc. We had our own bank accounts, and when we entered our small-town bank, the manager greeted us like we were “somebody.” We are forever grateful for that parental guidance.

I paid for three years of college but did not want to take out a loan to continue my education, so I enlisted. It wasn’t more than a year later I was participating in a free educational seminar in Vietnam, one I will never forget.

The GI Bill allowed me the opportunity to finish college all the way to the doctoral level, ABD. What had begun with soul-searching sociology ended with a master’s in education. I secured permanent certification as a social studies teacher, guidance counselor and school administrator (principal and district).

My work in the private and public sectors gave me great perspective on the advantages and disadvantages of both. Many of those years were spent in the field of education.

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