May 14, 2013

Letters to the Editor: May 14, 2013

Fund balance

TO THE EDITOR: The Press-Republican has published multiple articles regarding the Beekmantown Central School District fund balance.

My husband and I have lived in the community for approximately 25 years and attend as many of the board meetings as we can. I have a hard time understanding where the $10 million surplus the school had three years ago was spent.

We have asked time and time again for public disclosure or future plans for the use of the excess fund balance. Our comments and questions have gone unanswered.

The money was certainly not used to benefit district taxpayers, elderly citizens of Beekmantown who lost their homes or had to move because of high taxes or citizens who are living on a fixed income.

It was not used to reduce taxes, pay off debt or for one-time expenditures. Can anyone from the old board tell us what has happened to it? Probably not.

Last year, three new members were elected to the board. They have tried to be transparent by asking questions but oftentimes they don’t receive answers. They hit roadblocks with members of the old board, and then it becomes “business as usual.” We need more change.

Please vote for Andy Brockway, Kenneth Maurer Sr. and Mike Hagadorn.

They will work with the current board to open lines of communication, promote better sharing of information and increase transparency.

They, with the three newest members, will be team players and will look for ways to find sustainable savings for the district. They will work hard to contain costs and still ensure that our students will be offered a good education.

I want to have a voice and feel I am being heard, don’t you? I don’t want business as usual again. Please get out and vote.

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