May 8, 2013

Letters to the Editor: May 8, 2013

Liberal minds

TO THE EDITOR: Liberal thinking and wearing unconcealed thong underwear to church services doesn’t make sense unless you’re trying to expose your inadequacies.

When stated “there’s no room for error” they’re not referring to Democrat heads; all that’s there is room and errors.

They have inborn gifts for mental lapses; they’re unbelievably fluent non-thinkers. Half-witted Democrats are considered mentally gifted; they’ve overachieved and maxed their potentials.

To their credit, they peaked halfway to sanity and are role models for their less fortunate peers. As non-thinkers they’ve excelled and have stellar reputations for being proficient at what they can’t do: think rationally.

Democrat “meetings of the minds” would be held in absentia; there’s nothing to meet.

Referencing the term “out of sight, out of mind;” regretfully liberals are not enough “out of sight, too much “out of minds” and “out of touch” in both cases.

When Liberals hear the term “grab the brass ring,” they look for welfare or food-stamp offices; their symbols of prosperity. They proudly stand in benefit lines, heads high and hands out, as if receiving medals of honor. The lines are sources for liberal camaraderie, meeting places where they gather and reap the benefits of their non-efforts.

Liberal group photos are improbable; the photographer says ‘“cheese,” and they attempt to form lines. Yelling “cheese” is also a proven method for dispersing unruly liberal crowds.

“White Line Fever” is a trucker’s nightmare, and “Welfare Line Fever” is a liberal’s worst phobia: the fear of not finding a line or being at the end of one.

“Get in line buddy” isn’t a Merle Haggard song title, just a Democrat plea for fellowship and “See you down the line” means we’ll be here again next week.




Chazy Appleknockers

TO THE EDITOR: Thank you for the archives picture in the April 29 issue.

I remember Dad (Adrian “Red” Wood) telling how, when Chazy started their team, other teams that had been playing called them “The Appleknockers” being from apple country.

But did you know that they were also called “The Ragged Ass 10?”

Then they played and whipped every other area team. Who was laughing then?



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