October 30, 2012

Letters to the Editor: Oct. 30, 2012


---- — Sell-out politician

TO THE EDITOR: What a surprise, Bill Owens turns out to be another sell-out politician.

Owens started a recent debate by extolling his many years working with Ron Stafford. Make no mistake, Owens is no Ron Stafford, a New York State Senate Republican who was the biggest benefactor of the North Country. Owens worked at Stafford’s law firm and represented businesses, not the unions he now claims to support.

As a former of CEO of PARC and colleagues of Owens have pointed out, Owens spent his time in Plattsburgh counseling clients in how to avoid unions and told them that employer-paid health insurance was not a legal mandate but a choice. Now Owens supports Obamacare (a legal mandate) and the unions he used to rail against.

Even more insulting is that Owens is trying to take credit for creating thousands of jobs that were created by the PARC CEO and his staff. Owens fails to mention that he was merely a lawyer who got paid to provide advice to those who created the jobs. Oh, yes, and then there was the all-expense-paid trip to Taiwan paid for by Owens’s lobbyist buddies, where he racked up $20,000 in four days.

So just who is Bill Owens: a Republican, a Democrat, a hypocrite, a charlatan, a chameleon? All we know for sure is that Bill Owens supports whoever is sending money his way.

That’s why I’m voting for Matt Doheny. Unlike Owens, Matt Doheny works hard for what is in the best interest of all of us.




Trained, knowledge

TO THE EDITOR: I endorse Carolyn Meseck-Pratt for Chazy town justice.

Carolyn is a presiding judge and has been for the past four years. Before she was a judge she also served as a court clerk for four years in Chazy Town Court.

Her dedication is seen daily in the court and during the times she has been called in for early morning night arraignments. Carloyn has completed all of the required schooling and has a good working knowledge of the judicial system.

I have a clear vision that Carolyn is the right choice for the Chazy town justice position. Your vote is an investment in our future; vote for Carolyn Meseck-Pratt.




Social programs

TO THE EDITOR: Social Security provides retirement you can’t outlive, disability, survivors benefits, adds nothing to the national debt, costs less to administer than a private system and is an earned benefit.

Social Security is fully funded until 2033 and, by changing the exemption for income earned from over $110,100 to over $250,000, could be funded indefinitely.

There is no need to cut the benefits, raise the retirement age, lower the COLA or privatize it, which Conservative Matt Doheny endorses.

Before Medicare, only half of seniors had health insurance. Today, nearly 50 million have earned the right to guaranteed health-care benefits. Medicare’s overhead is only 2 percent of all spending used for health services while private insurance companies charge between 7 and 30 percent. Doheny favors giving vouchers for a set amount for Medicare, with no assurance they would rise with costs. You would purchase coverage from insurance companies. He also claims $700 billion was cut from Medicare by the Obama administration. Actually, waste and extravagant payments to insurance companies were cut; none of the beneficiaries lost 1 cent and benefits were increased.

Seventy percent of seniors will need long-term care at some point. The average cost for nursing homes is about $73,000 a year. Medicaid pays for about 62 percent of long-term care both in nursing homes and in the community, another program that Doheny would cut.

We are people who care about and help those in need. We can’t let our representatives take away our social programs. Congressman Bill Owens says he will fight to keep our vital social and medical programs intact. We can’t afford to jeopardize the health care of our citizens, for us and future generations. Please vote.


National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare



Disabled, secluded

TO THE EDITOR: Friends and clients of Anthony R. Jones, CPA, may not be aware that Tony is disabled with Parkinson’s disease and has been cared for in a nursing home here in Maine for more than a year.

Since he had retired from his practice in Plattsburgh, he didn’t pick it up again, and after his active life with his work there and with the Rotary Club of AuSable Forks (where he really did work tirelessly on any and all of their projects, particularly the scholarship awards for Au Sable Valley High School), he became somewhat secluded after his diagnosis in 2005, so he knows very few people in this area. He’s mostly limited to my visits and those of our two daughters.

His mind is as sharp as ever (he still does our tax returns), but his body just won’t respond, and his rich, warm voice is almost inaudible. The one thing I can’t give him is the “muscle” needed to lift him in and out of chairs and beds, and we can find no one else to do that for him.

He really loved all of you, his clients from way back in 1971, and his Rotarian friends, and I know you returned it. I was hoping that some of you would send him a card or a note sometimes? He would be so pleased. His address is: Sunrise Care Facility, Rosemary Lane, Jonesport, ME,  04649.

Thank you so much.


Cherryfield, Maine


Friend to farmers

TO THE EDITOR: I am writing this letter in support of the re-election of Congressman Bill Owens.

Congressman Owens has been a true friend to the farmers. He understands our needs and knows that good farm jobs mean a strong local economy. Bill Owens has worked with both parties to pass a strong Farm Bill and turn back regulations that just do not make sense for small farmers.

Bill Owens always takes time to listen to the concerns of all his constituents and works hard to stay in touch.

Bill and his family have been in the North Country for more than 30 years, and he has a proven record in helping to create good-paying jobs and improve our community. Just as we know Owens the attorney, we also know him as our congressman. We know that he is a hard worker and has the ability to work across the aisle to get results, and that is why we need him to remain in Congress to continue fighting for us.

Please join me on Nov. 6 in casting a vote for Congressman Bill Owens.


West Chazy


Street drive

TO THE EDITOR: Elmore SPCA recently held its second-annual street drive to benefit the many animals that pass through the doors of our shelter.

This drive was made possible by the many dedicated volunteers from the college and local community who stood on the streets that day and to the great number of motorists who opened their hearts and wallets to make our drive a huge success.

Thank you to Project Hope volunteers: Jian Xin Aw, Emma Gleason, Kristina Mondello, Brianna Reitz, Amanuel Tesfaye; to Cale Crowley, Greg Gittier and Matt Goldweber from Chi Phi; to 25 sorority sisters from AE Phi; and to Doug Burgos from Phi Mu Delta.

Thanks to other community members: Roberta Doty, Joelyn VanEss, Jarred LaValley, Kendra Maroon, Carrie Redmond, Cassie Doner, Hailey Doner, Sandy Layhee, Laurie and Mike Parsons, Gary and Cheri Reynolds, Ann Waite and Arnie Miller.

We would also like to give a big thank you to the City of Plattsburgh for vests, cones and use of city streets for an important fundraiser. 


Elmore SPCA volunteer