October 27, 2012

Letters to the Editor: Oct. 27, 2012


---- — Tireless advocate

TO THE EDITOR: There is no doubt about it: The new 21st Congressional District is huge.

Voters in Watertown, Massena, Plattsburgh and even Glens Falls will all be represented by one person. This representative will have to learn the varying problems and issues that plague voters across this great swath of northern New York.

While to many this may seem like an impossible task, I know one candidate who is up to the challenge: Matt Doheny.

Over the past few months, Matt has traveled the district listening to local officials, businesses and voters to learn about their concerns. In fact, during his ambitious “50 Businesses in 50 Days” tour, Matt spoke with more than 100 local business owners.

In a district this size, this could not have been accomplished without unwavering dedication to public service.

Perhaps even more ambitious is Matt’s promise to hold a town hall meeting in each and every town in the district once a term (there are 194 towns). As a voter and a taxpayer, I like the idea of a representative that is willing to travel to my hometown to hear about our issues.

Matt also plans on having a congressional office in each of the 12 counties in the district. Incredibly, Matt will forego his franking privilege so he can accomplish this task at no further cost to the American taxpayer.

I am supporting Matt Doheny because I believe he will be a tireless advocate for voters across this great district, not just in the major population centers.




Lesser of evils

TO THE EDITOR: Voting this November involves selecting the lesser of two evils.

Romney’s views on immigration, taxation, health care, gay rights, women’s rights and his abysmal ignorance of the world beyond our borders, if elected, make for a disastrous four years.

Obama has failed the working people. He didn’t fight for the Employee Free Choice Act. He didn’t fight for minimum-wage increases. He is willing to cut deals with John Boehner slashing Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare. He expanded drone wars and tripled troop numbers in Afghanistan. He has scuttled the efforts to get climate change under control. And on civil rights, he is a Bush clone — approved indefinite detentions, approved assassinations, and codified use of military against U.S. citizens on U.S. soil. His only bright star: the Affordable Health Care Act.

The Republican Party is under the control of a fear monger, the Tea Party — so far to the right it doesn’t deserve to be a part of the Grand Old Party.

The Democratic Party is gutless. It has been bought and paid for by the same interests that buy and pay for the Republican Party.

In lieu of a Libertarian candidate for the presidency, I’ll vote for the lesser of the two evils – in situ experience over a man who is not sponge-worthy.




Support for Stec

TO THE EDITOR: Retiring Assemblywoman Teresa Sayward has been a great representative for our district over the past decade.

So, her endorsement of Dan Stec, along with more than 30 local respected officials, leads me to believe he is the right guy for the job.

Dan has been serving as the Queensbury town supervisor since 2004. He knows what we want at the local level and what we need: lower property taxes and economic growth. As a town supervisor, Mr. Stec has led the charge in keeping taxes down, he has even managed to return almost $10 million in rebates to his constituents.

Clearly Mr. Stec has the experience to serve in the Assembly and make the real changes we desperately need across New York state. Actions speak louder than words; Dan Stec has the track record of success we deserve representing us in Albany.

Vote Stec on Nov. 6.




Money wasted

TO THE EDITOR: Recently, I was furious when I opened my mailbox and found that my union dues had been wasted.

I saw mailers we paid for that had Janet Duprey standing with fellow union members saying she supports the 99 percent. Then came the robo calls, also paid for with our money. I think it’s time we woke up.

Many of us would love to go to work and at the end of the week get our paycheck, while at the same time be handed a retirement check for the same job. Although not feasible for us, Janet Duprey does just this and together she gets over $175,000 per year. She is collecting two paychecks for doing the same job once, which sounds more like the 1 percent to me.

Why did Janet Duprey take our money in the first place? According to the New York State Board of Elections website she had over $35,000 in her campaign account to begin with. I don’t know about you, but if I was making that much money and claim to care about the 99 percent, I wouldn’t be asking people living paycheck to paycheck to also pay for my campaign. However, it was important for her to take our union dues while also taking campaign contributions from companies like Bombardier and Pfizer while also voting in favor of corporate welfare grants to these very companies that are also self-sufficient.

We are supposed to show solidarity with our fellow 99-percenters. So why, when we have Karen Bisso, a teacher, a 27-year union member and an actual 99-percenter, is SEIU endorsing and giving our money to Janet Duprey?

I ask my fellow union members to join me in voting for someone in this election who will not only represent United States but is one of us. Vote for Karen Bisso.




President’s failures

TO THE EDITOR: Over the past four years, I’ve provided lots of evidence against our president.

He told us that if he didn’t turn things around in three years, he’d be facing the proposition of a one-term presidency.

Here again are the facts to prove he hasn’t earned another term. The economy is limping along at a growth rate of less than 2 percent. The national debt hit $16 trillion during the Democratic National Convention (how poetic). Impending taxes from Obamacare will hit the middle-class hard and hurt business expansion. Food stamps and welfare spending have increased substantially. The president prefers to appease our sworn enemies and neglects our friends, especially Israel.

But my final argument is this: on Sept. 11, our Libyan consulate was attacked by terrorists, which resulted in the deaths of four Americans, including U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens.

Before you go to the polls, I want you to consider what might have been the last dying thoughts of Ambassador Stevens. Did he not fear for his safety long before the attack? Did he wonder why requests for more security were not granted? Did he feel betrayed by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Obama? Did he think of his family?

When I asked a friend how Mr. Stevens might have felt during this ordeal, he gave me a profound answer. The ambassador, he said, must have felt alone.

On Nov. 6, let’s begin to believe in America once more. Please cast your vote for Mitt Romney.