October 19, 2012

Letters to the Editor: Oct. 19, 2012



TO THE EDITOR: Like wrinkle lines etched into faces of the very old, Obama’s economic policies produce troublesome lines. Welfare, food stamp and unemployment lines are the “sad faces” of his tenure.

There are 14 million unemployed Americans, 25 million unemployed or underemployed, 48 million receiving food stamps, 46 million in poverty and unemployment over 8 percent for the past 45 months. We spend $10 billion and borrow $4 billion a day to stay afloat. Do we want four more years of record-setting dismal statistics. A math novice could figure four years of nothing times two equals nothing. Always expecting something for nothing is “liberal” math?

The widower-promoting Obamacare didn’t address consequences of a $16 trillion national debt or solutions for the pre-mentioned statistics; they’re pressing issues that require attention. What’s his liberal concern, maintaining another government freebie financed via taxes and borrowed funds? It’s not surprising liberals view the government as supplier of everything. I’m amazed they can tie their shoes; they always have their hands out.

He contends the “right” would decimate our government? Refer to statistics to judge who’s decimating the country. They’re Obama’s statistics, not George Bush’s. Who had complete control of Congress for two years and in four could only create “sad faces,” failed policies and depressing results?

Claims that Republicans have a “war against women” were reversed at the Democratic Convention. Bill Clinton’s appearance on the same night and podium used by female “war against women” speakers indicates the Democrats are hypocrites. Clinton sexually degraded Monica Lewinsky, accused of propositioning Paula Jones, plus allegedly raped Kathleen Wiley and Juanita Broaddick. Secret Service agents should have been assigned to watch the female speakers; past occurrences indicate they were in greater jeopardy than Bill.





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