October 15, 2012

Letters to the Editor: Oct. 15, 2012

Working together

TO THE EDITOR: Do you think someone who has never had to worry about paying a bill or look at the price on a new home, car or college education can relate to the struggles of poor or middle-class families?

Ann Romney struggled with illness, but didn’t have the added stress of wondering how to pay for medical treatment.

Mitt Romney’s trickle-down philosophy will not work because of greed. With exceptions, the wealthy do not look at profits as a way to hire workers or provide better wages and benefits for existing workers — they pocket huge bonuses. The wealthy are people whose interests and skills put them in fields that involve money, technology or entertainment or they inherited their money.

People who work with people — teachers, medical professionals, etc., don’t make huge figures, nor do people like farmers who work long, hard hours daily.

President Obama has made improvements in our economy, but no one could fix the mess we were in in four years. Furthermore, he cannot do it alone. Congress needs to step up by compromising and giving the president’s ideas a chance.

The wealthy need to step up by paying a fair share of taxes and investing in American businesses, rather than stashing their funds overseas.

The middle class could step up through a graduated, one-time surcharge to our income taxes dedicated to reducing our national debt.

The unemployed could step up by taking jobs that are available, while looking for another job.

Businesses, governments, and educational institutions need to unite to brainstorm and implement ideas for economic growth.

We live in a great country, and our economy can thrive again, but it will take all of us, led by President Obama.


West Chazy


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