October 14, 2012

Speakout: Oct. 14, 2012


There will come a day that you will want the New York State troopers sitting in a medians, and they won’t be there cause you badmouth them too much. Remember they are there for more than one reason. 


The great thing about tattoos is they make everybody look the same even though they’re trying to be unique. Every girl with a tramp stamp looks like every other girl with a tramp stamp.


New York State United Teachers ranked first in the nation for the 2011 year, raising $1.02 million, which beat General Motors at $912,027 and Wal-Mart at $433,637. NYSUT also became a national partner in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Event.


To all you smokers, pick up your butts and stay away from the entrance to businesses. I don’t wish to breath your smoke, nor do I wish for my children to find your butts on the playground.


I saw a 5-year-old pushing a power lawn mower barefoot. If the lawnmower hits a rock and jumps backward, that’s the end of his feet.


Why do you own a dog? All day long, I see all of you ignoring your dog. No one pets the dog. No one plays with the dog. No one seems to care about the dog. This is not your first dog. You ignored the one before this, too.


The speed limit is 55. I go 60 mph, and I still have tailgaters. Tailgating where there are deer-crossing signs, not the smartest thing you could be doing. The Military Turnpike in the hills of Altona is the worst. No place to pull over and let you pass. 


Before the four corners of Sciota, coming from the north, there are a series of curves. They’re marked with double yellow lines. That means that no one should be passing there. A horrific accident is going to happen someday.

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