October 12, 2012

Letters to the Editor: Oct. 12, 2012

Community support

TO THE EDITOR: Thanks so much for all the community support from many individuals and businesses.

With all your help, we were able to meet the needs of many families in the eight towns we serve.

Just recently we received a large donation from Samples Lumber/DS Specialties, which held a golf tournament fundraiser. Again thanks so much. It is greatly appreciated.


The Mooers Wesleyan Food Pantry Staff


Compassion cited

TO THE EDITOR: I have had the fond pleasure of meeting Karen Bisso, candidate for New York Assembly, at a Hometown Heroes Muskie Challenge on the weekend of Sept. 8.

I was introduced to Ms. Bisso by Don Meissner during the event and was told that she was running for State Assembly. Upon meeting Ms. Bisso, I found it hard to believe that she was actually running for office, as the way she interacted so naturally and so compassionately was, for me, uncharacteristic of any politician I have ever known. She was “real,” and she was very much approachable and available to the public at that event. With her likable personality, she brought brightness to everyone around.

Later that night, I was amazed that this same extraordinary woman was the referee for the Raiders vs. 49ers football game for the children. While I played the game, I could not help but be impressed by how she conducted herself, even on a football field with two old pro-football players as myself and Sam Kennedy from the San Francisco 49ers, which is a task in itself.

Ms. Bisso was connected, kept control of the game as it was played, protected the safety of the children involved and made herself, once again, available after the game to everyone there.

After my stay in the St. Lawrence County and interacting with the people of the entire region, I am totally convinced that Karen Bisso is a very positive reflection of the nature and personality of the people of this area, and I wish her all the best in this and everything she aspires to.

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