January 30, 2014

Speakout: Jan. 30, 2014


I drop my kids off at Monty Street school, and the lights in the parking lot are on till 8:10. The sun has been up for more than a half hour. Our tax dollars can be used more wisely than for this waste. 


We can’t blame all the buried sidewalks on Mother Nature. Slow the trucks down on streets with no parking. Stop multiple runs on streets in the same hour when residents just cleared their driveways.


Traffic congestion in the city can be improved with some easy fixes. Use both lanes to proceed east on Broad at Beekman. Hold left turns till the end of the cycle when turning from Boynton onto Oak. The mess at Broad and Peru is beyond help.


I would like to thank the person who anonymously paid for my order at the Cumberland Head Dunkin’ Donuts Jan. 16 around 7:30 a.m. It was a wonderful start to my morning. I will be sure to pay forward this act of kindness.


Why are dozens of high ranking officers being purged from the U.S. military all of a sudden? There have been dozens upon dozens in the last 24 months. Are they all being caught in scandals or does this have to do with refusing to take away guns?


I wish the pope could come over here and clean out the White House like he just did at the Vatican bank. He fired everyone and started over with new people. Won’t the White House be a different place if they could lose their jobs that easy?


It is ironic that many who speak against teachers and their union clearly demonstrate their own failure to grasp and retain the fundamentals of education.

Cell phones

On a long road trip, we saw several drivers drifting in and out of lanes. All of them were using hand held cell phones. Hopefully the many drivers we saw getting tickets were caught doing the same.

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