January 28, 2014

Speakout: Jan. 28, 2014


On Jan. 20 we honor Martin Luther King by name. It is only fitting. But why is it not fitting to honor Christ by name on Dec. 25?


I eat out a few times a week. When the service is good, then I leave a 20 percent tip, and when it’s not, I leave less. Maybe the ones complaining should take a look at their attitude and service they are providing.


Why are alcohol and nicotine legal when marijuana is not? Because alcohol and nicotine don’t have thousands of other uses, like the marijuana plant does, which falls into direct competition with many industries.


Are the people complaining to the government that it should do something about the recent high bills from National Grid the same people that complain in the past that government has too much power over our lives? Can’t have it both ways, people.


Benghazi lies, health-care lies, gas prices and welfare numbers more than doubled, unemployment rampant, debt ceiling out of reach....  Have you had enough change yet? There is still time, barely, to try to fix this — remember on election day.

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