January 24, 2014

Letters to the Editor: Jan. 24, 2014

Musical magic

TO THE EDITOR: I just returned from the Jazz Ensemble Concert performed by children from Stafford Middle School and Plattsburgh High School. It was beautiful, inspiring.

My husband and I have two children in the Plattsburgh District. They started singing in the choir and playing an instrument at the usual time in our schools: fourth grade.

Every few months, the schools put together a concert for parents to enjoy our kids’ musical achievements.

In the beginning, the sound is rough and the rhythm slow, but it is moving because we can’t resist those charming little voices and because a large group of 9-year-olds, barely controlling their little hands and more focused on finding their parents in the audience than in their instrument, are able to make a simple melody recognizable.

As the years go by, parents experience a miracle with every performance. The progress that our children show becomes breathtaking by the time we are attending these concerts at the High School, where it is a real pleasure to listen to them sing or play and nobody is any more patiently, though lovingly listening to discordant sounds. Attending concerts at the High School becomes a true pleasure, and one feels the sound often rivals that of a professional performance.

Together with so many other parents who share the same admiration and pride for our Plattsburgh Music Department, I would like to publicly recognize the enormous and successful efforts put together by this first-class group of teachers.

Thank you, Mrs. Sullivan, Mr. Verity, Mrs. Bulluck, Mr. Redmond, Ms. Soulia and Mr. Pray for this magic.

Thank you for allowing our kids to experience this musical beauty and especially for enriching a school curriculum that cares for the whole person and refuses to transform our kids into standardized data.

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