January 23, 2014

Speakout: Jan. 23, 2014


Does the Plattsburgh School Board intend to authorize the property-tax exemptions for military veterans signed into law by Gov. Cuomo? This relief is to take effect immediately. Also, taxpayers should absolutely have the option of voting for term limits in the next election.


How many lives has the SAFE Act saved so far? Glad to see it’s working. New York, your next step is to crack down on vehicular accidents. First, you should ban vehicles weighing more than 3,000 pounds.


I haven’t heard about that nuclear disaster in a while. Must be that everything is back to normal. Television hasn’t covered the story in a while so it must mean that the crippled nuclear reactor is as good as new.


If you or someone you know is thinking about suicide, please talk to someone, a friend, teacher, priest, parent, someone. You can also call the Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-273-8255. No matter what the problem is there is someone who will help you get through it. Please don’t wait.


To be person talking about tipping being a responsibility when you go out to eat? Wrong. You are not obligated to tip your waiter or waitress. So you tell me you’re going to tip wait staff if it’s terrible service? I highly doubt it. Tipping is a courtesy, remember that.


With terrible weather all around, why do people still insist on driving like they’re on the Autobahn in Germany? I travel the Turnpike every morning; lo and behold, bad roads, I’m driving at a reasonable speed, I get people who ride my back bumper and pass like I’m sitting still.


Our peaceful, non-violent approach for action Operation American Spring, beginning on May 16 in Washington, D.C., and lasting as long as it takes, will initiate the restoration of America as a constitutional republic, a free, lawful and sovereign nation, with liberty and justice for all.


You have told everyone that your child is sick. You keep them home from school that day. However, you bring them to school to participate in a club activity after school the same day. Great way to spread the germs to every child.


Wish more coaches would balance playing time when their teams clearly outperform weaker teams. Play your second strings and let them develop their skills rather than annihilate your opponents.

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