January 22, 2014

Speakout: Jan. 22, 2014


Legalize marijuana? Pot heads must be dancing in the streets. There is nothing in smoking weed that cannot be achieved through refined marijuana and current legal prescriptions, other than tax dollars for misguided politicians.


Parts of the SAFE Act shot down by a court. Small progress, but progress just the same. I left my guns out and watched them. Surprise: they didn’t kill anyone, they didn’t rob anyone and they didn’t commit any crimes. Must be the guns aren’t the problem.


In the time that it took Adam Lanza to reload, 11 children were led to safety. When all else fails, try thinking.


The news from Albany is, “We will pave Whiteface Highway as soon as possible,” “We will replace bridges this spring,” “Companies don’t have to pay taxes anymore.” etc. How about one more promise: “South Catherine Street will finally be fixed.”


There was an article in the press recently regarding four people arrested for numerous burglaries and larcenies from vehicles in the North Country. I would like to ask why these people are released by the court system — again?


To the individual who hit my car in the parking lot at Mickey’s Restaurant on Jan. 11 between 5:30 and 6:45 p.m. and then proceeded to leave the scene: Thanks for leaving me the cost for the repairs.


A big thank you to my young neighbors on North Catherine Street for cleaning all the ice from my sidewalk. We can all learn a lot from this couple. This elderly lady will pass a good deed on to someone else.


So the governor will cut or eliminate taxes for corporation to locate here in northern New York. What about the small business owners that have been here and will be here in decades? What about relief for us existing business? Wait, is it an election year?

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