January 17, 2014

Speakout: Jan. 17, 2014


It’s great news that the Plattsburgh International Airport is doing well. But what happens if the Canadian dollar continues its downfall? It has lost about 10 percent in value the last 18 months. Is there a contingency plan in place? Are we too dependent on the Canadian traveller?


Other than a non-toxic useful medicine, how many other uses are there for the cannabis plant? The answer is thousands. A thousand reasons to outlaw the competition for the fossil-fuel industry, among others. Cannabis can be subsituted in most if not all products using fossil fuels. 


Why do we have two movie theaters in Plattsburgh both playing the same movies? If you don’t want to see the movie in one theater, do they think you’ll want to see it playing in the other.


For the editorial, you should have talked to local teachers. Chazy vs. Plattsburgh should have talked about poverty in low incomes. Special ed; that counts in testing. So many factors in this.


It really doesn’t matter how many bullets I have in my magazine; that doesn’t change what kind of person I am. People in other states have drum magazines; you think that makes them a bad person because they walk around with more bullets? The real problem is ignorance.


I don’t know any gun today that has every killed someone by itself. Don’t think I will ever see it either. A gun is a tool and nothing more. If I choose the carry more bullets, that doesn’t make the tool anymore dangerous.


If a knife was used instead of a gun in these recent shootings, would there be any laws prohibiting the sale and use of kitchen knifes? If there were terrorists running people over with cars, would we ban motor vehicles?


To the new City Council, when you vote on the marina, vote for a local business to run it. Remember, let’s try to keep our money local.

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