August 9, 2012

Speakout: Aug. 9, 2012


---- — Discipline

If you don’t want strangers to discipline your kids, then be a parent and do it yourself. I had had enough of your child screaming and throwing utensils in the restaurant. If the employees or the parents do not have the guts to say something to you, then I will.


Regarding a local school district: Absolute power corrupts absolutely.


Some communities do not require a leash. If you are that scared, carry a whistle.


Many people can’t do anything to their children in fear of being turned it. If it bothers you that bad, shop in another aisle.


The benefit in paying for other people’s children to go to school is to help to guarantee a future with an educated society. There is nothing we can do about the taxes, so suck it up and help educate the future of this country.


Porn. I agree that it does not influence people to commit felonies, rape or incite violence. If it bothers you, then don’t watch it. It’s like saying violent images in movies or rap music influence my child’s behavior. Then don’t watch horror movies or listen to rap music. 


Thank you, Hearst TV, for the blackout of Channel 5.1, 5.2 and more with Time/Warner Cable. As we have taken the opportunity, you have proven to us that the Channel 3 news is better with more local coverage.


I would like to thank the Press-Republican for their excellent coverage of the Mayor’s Cup festivities. You kept us all informed and excited about a community event that so many people enjoy and that many work so hard to plan. Thank you!


I’m disappointed with town sports. It is nice that there are many sports and activities offered, but I’d prefer quality to quantity. Games are often canceled by unreliable coaches or the threat of “rain.” This sets a terrible example for our children and is frustrating for committed parents.


In response to parents uniting not dividing, sometimes it’s not possible. The adult child has to want to unite. And if they don’t, then it’s all over. They can blame parents all they want. When you separate yourself, that’s your fault.