August 13, 2012

Cheers and Jeers: Aug. 13, 2012

CHEERS to the organizers of the many running/walking/jogging events in the North Country who have taken up the challenge to encourage healthier lifestyles, especially for youngsters. And it’s not just a summertime endeavor, either; there are even a few fall and winter fun runs. Just look at the success of Turkey Trot in Peru every Thanksgiving morning, where a couple hundred runners often have to dodge snow and ice as they hustle through the apple orchards. There are weekly fun runs in the Town of Plattsburgh during the summer where sometimes a couple hundred kids show up to run a half-mile, a mile or five kilometers of activity. And coming up is the Donut Dash 5k and Munchkin half-mile fun run on Sept. 1 at the City Recreation Center at the U.S. Oval. Sponsored by Dunkin’ Donuts, proceeds of the run will benefit Team Fox for Parkinson’s Research and Girls on the Run. The fun runs are not just about fun; they provide an athletic outlet in an outdoor setting combined with an opportunity for community service. That is a lot of good rolled into one package.

CHEERS to two gentlemen who came to the aid of Melissa Huff of Willsboro recently when her tire went flat while traveling north on Interstate 87 between the Keeseville and Peru exits. On her way to a dentist appointment, Huff’s Chevy Silverado suddenly suffered a tire malfunction. She pulled to the side of the highway and got the tire jack out of the back seat but wasn’t sure what to do next. She called her sister, who, in turn, called husband Eugene Benway for assistance. Meanwhile, New York State Trooper K. Bessette, patrolling the Northway, showed up to lend her a hand. He got on the ground to remove the spare tire from underneath the truck bed, no easy task when the spare has never been used. And when Benway arrived, he and the trooper changed the tire. However, the spare tire was slowly losing air, as well. Bessette escorted Huff to a U-turn site, and together they traveled south to Exit 34 and then to a service station in Keeseville. Huff may have missed her dentist appointment, but picture yourself standing along the Northway with a flat tire while cars and trucks race by, and you can imagine the relief that Huff must have felt when Benway and Bessette arrived on the scene.

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