August 11, 2012

Speakout: Aug. 11, 2012


I agree that assessments in the area are unrealisticly high. What is even worse though is the attitude of some of the assessors when you question their findings.


With the unfortunate incident at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, 12 people dead, 38 wounded, more manpower needs to be heeded in public venues. And we need to stop blaming the media. It is the unbalanced people who shouldn’t be watching violent movies if they can’t deal with it.


Every state, regardless of the influence of the NRA, needs a stricter, more tougher gun-control policy. Too many unwell people with firearms. 


We have to stop blaming the movie industry or the publishing business, for violent depictions in the media. Violent movies, for example, do not make people go on rampages and kill innocent people. It is the demented mind that is the real culprit here. 


Be careful what you bid at local auctions. Many of the items they offer are reproductions or cobbled to look like the original..


Living in today’s world is difficult to say the least. Retail items are better bought at garage sales where prices are lower than retail outlets.


Your editorial on welfare accountabilty is right on the money. The waste and abuse is rampant and needs to be addressed. I drug-test for my check, they should too! 


What happened in Columbine and Aurora Colorado is not a gun issue. It is a national-security issue. And something needs to be done about the escalating violence in this country. Unwell people getting their hands on guns is a major problem. 


I agree that people shouldn’t speed on Oak Street, but it’s because of the children’s crosswalks that they can’t stop in time for. Not for children playing. Children shouldn’t be playing in the streets or anywhere near them. 


Government cannot create wealth. Government revenue comes from Americans’ toil and sweat and recently, big IOUs. Taxes destroy and then redistribute wealth. That and passing laws to take more of our freedom is all that government does. We need less government and more freedom to live our lives.

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